Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Hairdresser gave me the wrong colour

Life Experince: When your hairdresser gives you the wrong colour.

We have all been there at some point whether it's a home dye gone wrong or something that just didn't turn out right. I am not a person who actively goes out to beauty or hairdressers regularly. In fact the last time prior to my last experience of going to the hairdresser was in fact two years earlier. I have never been the self pamper "make myself feel better" type of person. I don't like going out in public and thought (with the encouragement of my husband) that it would boost my confidence to actually pay a fortune to get my hair professionally coloured from my normal mousy brown to white blonde.

I tried it at home with dyes and it came out very patchy dark coppery tones with bright white (my desired colour) underneath the roots. This was horrific and as a person completely lacking self confidence I was horrified and didn't want to go out in public anymore. Nothing good ever happens to me.

So eventually after a week of ginger torture. I went to a local hairdresser who specialises in dying hair and toning. After reading many 5* reviews on the company I made the appointment via Facebook and sent them a current photo of my hair and sent them the desired colour photo too.

They said don't worry it's completely fixable and the photo shown can be achieved. The appointment was booked for two days time.

I was so excited to actually get my hair fixed and to be proud of myself thinking I would be looking great in no time.

The appointment day came, it was hard to get to the location as it was a couple towns over from where I was and to my horror, they had only booked me in for a "wash and cut". What the hell! I had gone from two towns looking like a ginger mess feeling the invisible stairs pulling out my self confidence for a "wash and cut". Thankfully the lady looking at the appointment was the lady who I was talking to through their Facebook page and she apologised for the inconvenience. For me it was just a kick in the teeth, "You don't deserve anything nice" was circling my head. It's true I don't, and there is always something that stops it.

So I thought fine another couple days waiting won't hurt. So another two days went by, feeling like crap but since the bad stuff has already passed it would be great being white blonde finally after all of this trouble! Surely it can't go wrong again can it?

The appointment came and it was very straight forward. I showed the sylist the colour I wanted, clear as day, saying over and over white blonde, not grey, not blue, white blonde. I explained it as a blank canvas that I could colour as I please with bright pastel wash out chalks. She said it's fine and will be sorted.

The appointment was long, very long at around 5 hours. Stripping, bleaching, toning, cut.
Shame the hairdresser left me for literally a hour at a time on my own with no-one to talk to. My nerves shattering inside, I couldn't even look at a mirror even if I wanted to. I was so nervous throughout.

And once it was dried, the first thing the hairdresser said was "the blue will come out" - wait what? Where the hell did I say blue? After a few days yes the blue tint came out but again left with FUCKING ORANGE. What's the point in wasting money on a dream if it will never come true. Sure it was less orange than before, but I didn't want blue nor did I want orange. WHITE BLONDE.

I have included photos: the first being my desired white blonde.
Looks good - imagine it with bright red, pink, orange, blue, green lights in it.

Here is a photo or two, the ginger is my hair before the stylist got to it, the second is what she did. It's much more ashy than I wanted, and in the photo you can't see the ginger ends that she cropped out of the picture. 

I JUST WANT TO SCREAM its not even even, progressively going more ginger towards the roots. Given its better than ginger but at least mine was ONE TONE,  it's now been at least a month since the appointment and as time goes on, even after using purple shampoo and conditioner, it's still orange now with roots. Progressively going DARKER. And now nothing like the "after" photo taken by the hairdresser.

Good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to good people. Why do I even bother trying anymore, I have no confidence, I never will. The hairdresser did make a big difference to my hair, at least I'm not ginger. Could have been a lot worse, but by no means the beautiful monotone white blonde that I wanted. There's a reason for wanting something. And for me it was a big deal. I need confidence, I lack confidence, life is hard as it is for everyone, but cant this just go to plan for ONCE.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Breyer Surprise Grab Bags

If you love horses and collect model equines be sure to check out They are currently offering an amazing Breyer Grab Bag for just £50 plus p&p which contains a great deal of many different model Breyer horses!

The postage on site is for UK ONLY however if you contact them for a postage quote if you are outside the UK they will happily assist and sort it out for you. I have dealt with this company many times and never had any issues and items have always arrived promptly and very well packaged! 

Here is a link to their Breyer Surprise Grab Bags!

Each grab bag contains the following which have been put together by Lifes A Hoof themselves. 

1x Traditional Breyer horse model
1x Breyer Classic breyer horse model
2x Breyer Stablemate model horses
1x Breyer Stablemate model foal
1x Breyer Mini Whinnie Surprise
1x Hand made traditional 1:09 accessory
1x Hand made classic 1:12 scale accessory
1x Hand made stablemate 1:32 scale accessory

1x Breyer branded bag (FREE)
1x Breyer mini catalogue (FREE)
1x Breyer ball point pen (FREE)
1x Breyer pencil. (FREE)

Friday, 22 July 2016

Pokemon Go - Unable to find an account using the provided information.

Following my most recent post that spread only good news about Pokemon Go, I have had a very mixed experience with the game. Firstly the day after my last Pokemon Go post it appears that my Pokemon Trainer account was lost entirely when they experienced issues with their login servers. No matter how hard I have tried to recover my account I keep getting the same message which was "Unable to find an account using the provided information" as shown in the image below (i have censored my personal details for safety, security and privacy reasons.

I know exactly my details and they were not entered incorrectly, this message started appearing after I managed to fill out the form the first time and attempted to reset my pokemon trainer account. I never received the email allowing me to update my account information, and since then the "Unable to find an account using the provided information" message has appeared every time.

It was highly frustrating and eventually I decided that the level 6 account was not worth the time attempting to try and contact the management of the Pokemon Trainer accounts as they are backlogged with emails and so decided that the best option was to start again but this time with a Google Account.

Since starting over on a new account I have managed to level up to level 9 and have caught a wide variety of pokemon however I am still looking for Jigglypuff which I managed to capture on my first account.

So if you are seeing this after attempting the reset of your password (resulting in a status quo account that was activated but now not due to pending password change that will never happen to failure of change of password email not being sent) then you are best to start again.

Update 23rd July 2016
It now seems that the creators of Pokemon go are aware of the issue in regards to recovering / updating Pokemon Trainer Accounts and the error message has now changed. I will be trying to continue the recovery of my Pokemon Trainer account however they are limiting connections to the recovery page and it will take some time to sort out. But at least it's progress in the right direction. 

Much later in the afternoon I manager's to get through to the email activation page and managed to reset my password by email. I can confirm that my Pokemon trainer account is fully there and managed to successfully reactivated my Pokemon trainer account. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Review: Pokemon Go UK

Pokemon Go: Finally its here in the UK!

I loved the original Pokemon games back from the 90s and as a 80's child Pokemon was one of the first games I played on a rare (now vintage) hand held gaming console. If you have not already seen my "Personal Experience: Pokemon Games of the 1990's" post please be sure to take a look at that also. I was thrilled when here in the UK we were able to get our hands on the brand new mobile "Pokemon Go" game.
The cat brought in another bird

It is a very quick and easy start to the game, first you have to make yourself a free "Trainer Account" which when created allows you to login to your Pokemon game from any other device. Which is a very useful feature if you have say, an iPhone and an iPad. It should mean that your game play is always synced so that you will never loose anything no matter what device you are using, just be sure to not login at the same time on both devices as that will be sure to cause issues unless the developer have already addressed this possible issue.

Once you have your "Trainer Account" you can then go on to create your own avatar, and username you can choose to be either a boy or girl and then choose what skin tone, hair colour, accessories, hat and clothing you want your character to wear, I was a little disappointed at the lack of choice but I am sure that new clothing and accessories can be added in the future.

At least he wasn't in the road
Once you have your trainer account, avatar and username the world is your domain. I found the tutorials very lacking in information, some things I had to go online to find out more about such as how to actually collect more Pokeballs from those "PokeStop" things. I forget the correct name. It was not obvious to me that I had to spin the disk showing the photo of the location. And the other issue that I did have was the random floating leaves. It was not clear that these are supposed to be the same as the "Tall Grass" where wild hidden Pokemon would  jump out at you (sometimes).

Is this seat taken?
The way the game is technically designed is very good, they have implemented the "maps" extremely well. I live in a built up area which is right by the ocean and you can actually count the houses on the map and it matches the number of houses there are in my terrace. It also has all the back streets showing as proper roads in the game, this is very good and I didn't expect that level of detailing in the maps. The mapping system has a very good understanding of local areas, I don't know what mapping technology they have paried up with but from what I have seen it is very accurate and somehow knows the difference between residential areas, grassland areas (such as golf course) and clearly shows beaches and bodies of water such as the sea, rivers, ponds and ever overflow water ducts and canals. I am very impressed with their mapping system and kudos to the developer who made it happen. As I live near the ocean (about 200 metres away) I do see a lot of the water based Pokemon, I was lucky enough to find a "Seel" in my living room but of course I did find a "Rattata" in my bathroom.

The game uses local points of interest and marks them as the "PokeStop" places where you can collect free Pokeballs and find other items such as Eggs which you can hatch in an incubator. I am very lucky as there are six of these collection points within 5 minutes of walking around my house. I am also very lucky to have a "PokeGym" extremely close to my house, and I have joined Gym Mystic although I am yet to try this feature out. The Gym is unlocked at level 5.

Once thing that does stand out though and I feel it could be open to abuse is the "Incense Burner" which "Lures" Pokemon to the place it was activated, I believe it is only publicly visible (and also displays the player name of who activated it) when used on one of the "PokeStop" collection areas. Even though its activation lasts 30 minutes I can see this public display that is visible on everyone's device who is local to that area to  also lure other real and dangerous "predators" to the location.

Jigglypuff is taunting us
Zubat in the aquarium?
On a positive note though, on the day of its release I did go for a walk with my partner so I could figure out how to use the "PokeStop" collection areas and figure out what those floating leaves were all about. We passed four or five family groups who were parents taking their children out Pokemon hunting. This was a beautiful thing to see as parents rarely take their children out for walks anymore and I feel thing game may actually bring families closer together in this aspect. The parents were playing the game too, they were a similar age to myself and probably remember the old Pokemon Blue and Yellow games. Although this being said we did also pass a group of 6 or 7 children on their own sat at a "PokeStop" collection area playing the game too. At least they were not on their own I suppose.

The morning after I was having a bit of a dilemma with the game, I had run out of Pokeballs and it was raining outside so I didn't want to go out walking in the rain to collect more Pokeballs even though it was only a 5 minute walk away. So instead we got in the car and had a 6 mile drive up-to the nearest large town. Along the way and on the way back, I managed to collect 143 Pokeballs and 7 eggs from the "PokeStop" collection areas, I had just enough time when passing the location at 30-40 MPH to collect from most of the locations that we passed. I also managed to catch a couple of new Pokemon while we were waiting at the traffic lights.
Should I turn the stove top on?

My husband who was driving decided that it would be hilarious to kangaroo jump the car when he saw I was attempting to capture a wild "Pidgeoto" that was at the side of the road. He did make sure it was safe to do so as there was no traffic around us but needless to say - that "Pidgeoto"... got away.

Also it appear that while you are moving faster than walking speed, this will not incubate your eggs. I travelled 6 miles in the car and still my 2 kilometre egg had not hatched, it must only register if below a certain speed... probably maxed out around 3-5 miles per hour.

Today it has been extremely difficult to get onto the game itself due to their server issues, but this was resolved in a few hours, apparently a DDOS attack which is basically opening and closing ports on their game servers continually until it just blocks up and wont let any more connections through. This in my opinion is very poor technicians knowledge server side as no-one in their right mind would leave ports open that could cause such disruption to such a big game. Safety and security should be first priority - and then profits.

Rattata in the bath!
So as you can tell I am impressed with the new Pokemon Go on a variety of different levels... literally. Its a great game for players of all ages and I do hope that if you have not yet tried it, that you do choose to join the team and give Pokemon Go, a go.

Useful Pokemon Go Links

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Personal Experience: Pokemon games of the 1990's

Back to the 1990's

I was born in the 80's and grew up with the original grey Game Boy made by Nintendo in 1990. I remember buying my Nintendo Game Boy from Woolworths in a local small town called Cleveleys. Sadly if you are from the UK you will already know that Woolworths went out of business off the high street a good few years back. Most children of the 1980's and 1990's bought their music tapes and CD's from Woolworth's along with the "Pick n Mix" sweet bags and computer games. 

When I purchased my Game Boy it came in a black carry case which was padded and was Nintendo branded, it came with a AC/DC power adaptor that you plugged into the bottom and you could also put 4x AA batteries in it for true mobile gaming. The screen was green and black (not colour) and it was a simply 8-bit handheld gaming console. I only recently re-homed my original Game Boy on a popular auction website and it brought me £70.99 as it was in excellent condition. Considering I have purchased it new in 1990 for £20. It held its value extremely well.

The first Pokemon game I bought was the Pokemon Blue, To be honest I don't really remember much of the Blue Edition the only thing I understood was different Pokemon were in the Blue edition than were found in the Red Edition that was released around the same time as the Blue. I believe the Pokemon games first came out in the UK in the mid 1990's and I must have been around 10 years old when it was released. Below are pictures of the Pokemon Blue Box and Cartridge. The colours may have been bright but they certainly didn't show colours on a two colour screen.

After the success of Pokemon Blue and Red, Pokemon Yellow was released, I do remember this game coming out and I was very excited about it. I remember the day of release was a school day and I asked my father to go to Blackpool and pick up Pokemon Yellow for me from the Game store that they had in the Houndshill arcade. I was so happy when I finished school and my father had actually travelled all the way there and picked it up for me. (I did pay him for it using my birthday money)

I don't know at this point when Pokemon yellow was released as to whether or not the original cartoon was released on TV, all I knew was this edition your character actually gets PIKACHU! I played the yellow version a lot more than the Blue version and collected many many pokemon, but unfortunately I didn't catch them all! I remember playing this game with my friends at school in the yard and out of school I do believe that there was a way to send pokemon to your friend but I think it might have been through a cable that you could plug in, I never did this but a lot of my friends also really loved both games. 

I proudly owned the original Nintendo Game Boy and both Yellow and Blue pokemon games until 2016 which was when I decided that someone else would enjoy it hopefully as much as I had done! It is a very scary thought that that game console was 26 years old! Now that was a blast from the past and I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have enjoyed writing about my experiences and memories of the original Nintendo Game boy and Pokemon games!

Let's get back in the saddle and get this ride started!

I know I have not blogged for quite some time now, but I am now up and ready back in the game and the massively immerse world of the blogger. I have a very diverse interest from technology and coding, down through gaming, and game development, and flowing through to arts, crafts and many other handy hobbies. Lets hope the future is bright and lets get on with the game!

So many things have happened in my life over the past two years, I have not known whether or not I have been coming or going, from health issue to health issue, marriage, honeymoon and future unknowns, it has been rather chaotic to say the least. Who knows what this year will bring, who knows where any of us will be in 12 months time. Who knows what people will leave our life and who knows what new life will be brought into ours. Nothing is ever over, nothing is ever done and dusted, everything happens for one reason for another and who are we not to embrace change and the future. Who knows who will make an appearance or what will happen tomorrow. The world is complex and confusing, yes scary too but too it is enjoyable, loving, kind, happy, gleeful and glowing. Never say never and never give up. Staying strong is what makes everyone special and unique, no matter what people try and say to put others down, random ramblings are always a way to clear the mind from those terrible dust bunnies that just clog up the good and important stuff.

HorseIsle Online Horse Game Free to play

HorseIsle Online Horse Game

If you are looking online for something fun, easy and enoyable to play that is visual and based on horses and ponies, then you should take a look at the rather fabulous HorseIsle. It is a free to play game which an optional subscription account too. You choose your avatar and username and go out into the world of HorseIsle to gather items and capture wild horses.

HorseIsle Login

There are hundereds of different breeds of horse on the game, and its retro style graphics appeal to the kid in all of us, no matter your age or gender.

Graphical Gameplay

There are quests that you can do to gain experience points and unlock different islands. Each breed of horse in the game is designed to "spawn" in certain areas. For example:

  • Arabians - Desert Biome
  • Zebra - Jungle Biome
  • Gypsy Vanner - Rock Biome

Its a fun game and by collecting items you find on the ground you can complete quests for NPC characters or simply sell them at a local shop. There are many towns in the game each town offers different types of shops.

Before you can ride a horse that you find in the wild you will need to buy some tack for it, tack can be crafted by yourself at "workshops" or you can simply buy tack from "Gear" shops found throughout the islands.

Example of a Horse in HorseIsle

Horses cannot breed or die on HorseIsle 1 this makes it suitable for players of all ages. Some players find training their horses one of the most important things, however it is not a neccessity.

You can play entirely for free however you can buy a month subscription which gives you added benefits such as owning your own ranch, free transport and unlimited play time. (Free accounts are limited to a certain amount of minutes game play per day).

Play for free

Try HorseIsle for FREE - Click Here

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Online Horse Game: Horse Isle 2

If you want to play a unique online horse game which puts you in control of the reins, be sure to check out HorseIsle2: Legend of the Esrohs. You can capture horses from the wild and in addition train them up to be champions in a graphical 2D world!

If you would like to give it a go please click the image above and create your own free account.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Ebon Equine Studios: Renovation Project (Model Horse Customisation)

I am in the hobby of "Model Horse Customisation" and currently am finding it difficult to raise all the funds needed to renovate the "Ebon Equine Studios". 

I have been customising model horses since 2007 and I have adapted many different techniques and methods including re-sculpting, etching and re-colouring model horses using a variety of methods inclduing, oil painting, oil staining, paintbrush acrylics, airbrush acrylics and pastels. I work with many different types of models including Breyer horses, Peter Stone models, and artist resins. Scale of the models varies from micro mini (1:58) right up to the traditional (1:9) scales.

I would also like to start sculpting my own model horses as Artist Resins I am good with 3D design software too and I would like to combine both techniques and skills and make limited edition runs of models that will be created - printed by 3D printer.

With the donations I will be able to purchase materials for building storage units, workstation areas and be able to finish building the studio itself.  And hopefully a 3D printer and 3D scanner can be funded so that the Studio can create some amazing new model horse resins that will greatly benefit the hobby all around.

Please consider donating to Ebon Equine Studios!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

German blue Rams

OOver the past few months I have been the proud owner of 6 german blue Rams on my 260l tank. I have found they are a very curious species of fish who on occasion do like their own space and can discourage larger fish out of their area. Generally the german blue ram is very passive (given plenty of swimming space) and easily adapt to a community aquarium. However I have noticed a big difference in the quality of German blue Rams. If they are grey with red eyes and black patches they seem to be poor quality and are very sensitive to tank condition however the good quality German blue Rams which are yellow in colour with black speckles, red eyes and black patches seem to do a lot better I an community tank. 

To a male or female German blue ram they see no difference if a the opposite sex is an electric blue. Which is a recently created variation of the German blue ram and they seem to pair off with each other