Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Hairdresser gave me the wrong colour

Life Experince: When your hairdresser gives you the wrong colour.

We have all been there at some point whether it's a home dye gone wrong or something that just didn't turn out right. I am not a person who actively goes out to beauty or hairdressers regularly. In fact the last time prior to my last experience of going to the hairdresser was in fact two years earlier. I have never been the self pamper "make myself feel better" type of person. I don't like going out in public and thought (with the encouragement of my husband) that it would boost my confidence to actually pay a fortune to get my hair professionally coloured from my normal mousy brown to white blonde.

I tried it at home with dyes and it came out very patchy dark coppery tones with bright white (my desired colour) underneath the roots. This was horrific and as a person completely lacking self confidence I was horrified and didn't want to go out in public anymore. Nothing good ever happens to me.

So eventually after a week of ginger torture. I went to a local hairdresser who specialises in dying hair and toning. After reading many 5* reviews on the company I made the appointment via Facebook and sent them a current photo of my hair and sent them the desired colour photo too.

They said don't worry it's completely fixable and the photo shown can be achieved. The appointment was booked for two days time.

I was so excited to actually get my hair fixed and to be proud of myself thinking I would be looking great in no time.

The appointment day came, it was hard to get to the location as it was a couple towns over from where I was and to my horror, they had only booked me in for a "wash and cut". What the hell! I had gone from two towns looking like a ginger mess feeling the invisible stairs pulling out my self confidence for a "wash and cut". Thankfully the lady looking at the appointment was the lady who I was talking to through their Facebook page and she apologised for the inconvenience. For me it was just a kick in the teeth, "You don't deserve anything nice" was circling my head. It's true I don't, and there is always something that stops it.

So I thought fine another couple days waiting won't hurt. So another two days went by, feeling like crap but since the bad stuff has already passed it would be great being white blonde finally after all of this trouble! Surely it can't go wrong again can it?

The appointment came and it was very straight forward. I showed the sylist the colour I wanted, clear as day, saying over and over white blonde, not grey, not blue, white blonde. I explained it as a blank canvas that I could colour as I please with bright pastel wash out chalks. She said it's fine and will be sorted.

The appointment was long, very long at around 5 hours. Stripping, bleaching, toning, cut.
Shame the hairdresser left me for literally a hour at a time on my own with no-one to talk to. My nerves shattering inside, I couldn't even look at a mirror even if I wanted to. I was so nervous throughout.

And once it was dried, the first thing the hairdresser said was "the blue will come out" - wait what? Where the hell did I say blue? After a few days yes the blue tint came out but again left with FUCKING ORANGE. What's the point in wasting money on a dream if it will never come true. Sure it was less orange than before, but I didn't want blue nor did I want orange. WHITE BLONDE.

I have included photos: the first being my desired white blonde.
Looks good - imagine it with bright red, pink, orange, blue, green lights in it.

Here is a photo or two, the ginger is my hair before the stylist got to it, the second is what she did. It's much more ashy than I wanted, and in the photo you can't see the ginger ends that she cropped out of the picture. 

I JUST WANT TO SCREAM its not even even, progressively going more ginger towards the roots. Given its better than ginger but at least mine was ONE TONE,  it's now been at least a month since the appointment and as time goes on, even after using purple shampoo and conditioner, it's still orange now with roots. Progressively going DARKER. And now nothing like the "after" photo taken by the hairdresser.

Good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to good people. Why do I even bother trying anymore, I have no confidence, I never will. The hairdresser did make a big difference to my hair, at least I'm not ginger. Could have been a lot worse, but by no means the beautiful monotone white blonde that I wanted. There's a reason for wanting something. And for me it was a big deal. I need confidence, I lack confidence, life is hard as it is for everyone, but cant this just go to plan for ONCE.

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