Friday, 22 July 2016

Pokemon Go - Unable to find an account using the provided information.

Following my most recent post that spread only good news about Pokemon Go, I have had a very mixed experience with the game. Firstly the day after my last Pokemon Go post it appears that my Pokemon Trainer account was lost entirely when they experienced issues with their login servers. No matter how hard I have tried to recover my account I keep getting the same message which was "Unable to find an account using the provided information" as shown in the image below (i have censored my personal details for safety, security and privacy reasons.

I know exactly my details and they were not entered incorrectly, this message started appearing after I managed to fill out the form the first time and attempted to reset my pokemon trainer account. I never received the email allowing me to update my account information, and since then the "Unable to find an account using the provided information" message has appeared every time.

It was highly frustrating and eventually I decided that the level 6 account was not worth the time attempting to try and contact the management of the Pokemon Trainer accounts as they are backlogged with emails and so decided that the best option was to start again but this time with a Google Account.

Since starting over on a new account I have managed to level up to level 9 and have caught a wide variety of pokemon however I am still looking for Jigglypuff which I managed to capture on my first account.

So if you are seeing this after attempting the reset of your password (resulting in a status quo account that was activated but now not due to pending password change that will never happen to failure of change of password email not being sent) then you are best to start again.

Update 23rd July 2016
It now seems that the creators of Pokemon go are aware of the issue in regards to recovering / updating Pokemon Trainer Accounts and the error message has now changed. I will be trying to continue the recovery of my Pokemon Trainer account however they are limiting connections to the recovery page and it will take some time to sort out. But at least it's progress in the right direction. 

Much later in the afternoon I manager's to get through to the email activation page and managed to reset my password by email. I can confirm that my Pokemon trainer account is fully there and managed to successfully reactivated my Pokemon trainer account. 


  1. OMG This happened to me too! Thanks for the solution! All fixed!

  2. This has happened to me too! A level 16 account gone! �� It's still saying they can't find an account with my email. Yet they have sent me emails saying someone has requested to change my details.

    Can you help? I've email support but no reply

  3. This has happened to me too and it's not getting resolved . Still saying there's no account with this email. I have emailed support but no reply. Can you help?!

  4. You are lucky. I am still encountering the same error message and unable to reset my password. Any solution? Reported but no reply.

  5. Hi I'm trying to recover my account too. But what is the different of username, player Id and screen name.

    I have to same problem recovering using my email. Although I'm very sure I didn't it wrong

  6. hi this issue is happening to me right now. What should i do? I've sent emails but they haven't really been much help to me