Sunday, 17 July 2016

HorseIsle Online Horse Game Free to play

HorseIsle Online Horse Game

If you are looking online for something fun, easy and enoyable to play that is visual and based on horses and ponies, then you should take a look at the rather fabulous HorseIsle. It is a free to play game which an optional subscription account too. You choose your avatar and username and go out into the world of HorseIsle to gather items and capture wild horses.

HorseIsle Login

There are hundereds of different breeds of horse on the game, and its retro style graphics appeal to the kid in all of us, no matter your age or gender.

Graphical Gameplay

There are quests that you can do to gain experience points and unlock different islands. Each breed of horse in the game is designed to "spawn" in certain areas. For example:

  • Arabians - Desert Biome
  • Zebra - Jungle Biome
  • Gypsy Vanner - Rock Biome

Its a fun game and by collecting items you find on the ground you can complete quests for NPC characters or simply sell them at a local shop. There are many towns in the game each town offers different types of shops.

Before you can ride a horse that you find in the wild you will need to buy some tack for it, tack can be crafted by yourself at "workshops" or you can simply buy tack from "Gear" shops found throughout the islands.

Example of a Horse in HorseIsle

Horses cannot breed or die on HorseIsle 1 this makes it suitable for players of all ages. Some players find training their horses one of the most important things, however it is not a neccessity.

You can play entirely for free however you can buy a month subscription which gives you added benefits such as owning your own ranch, free transport and unlimited play time. (Free accounts are limited to a certain amount of minutes game play per day).

Play for free

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  1. I love this game! Thanks so much for telling us about it! :D