Wednesday, 4 February 2015

German blue Rams

OOver the past few months I have been the proud owner of 6 german blue Rams on my 260l tank. I have found they are a very curious species of fish who on occasion do like their own space and can discourage larger fish out of their area. Generally the german blue ram is very passive (given plenty of swimming space) and easily adapt to a community aquarium. However I have noticed a big difference in the quality of German blue Rams. If they are grey with red eyes and black patches they seem to be poor quality and are very sensitive to tank condition however the good quality German blue Rams which are yellow in colour with black speckles, red eyes and black patches seem to do a lot better I an community tank. 

To a male or female German blue ram they see no difference if a the opposite sex is an electric blue. Which is a recently created variation of the German blue ram and they seem to pair off with each other 

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