Tuesday, 14 October 2014

You can connect your wireless Apple Keyboard to your iPhone or iPad (IOS8)

Today I have discovered that you can connect an Apple wireless keyboard to your iphone or ipad. The reason behind my discovery was mainly due to curiosity. 

I suffer from an annoying and painful condition known as M.E / CFS and one of the issues with the condition is the pain and fatigue of muscles and joints. This makes using iphones and ipads quite a tough experience especially when long emails or messages need to be sent. 

I managed to sync both the iphone and wireless bluetooth apple keyboard together and believe it or not this entire post has been typed up on the wireless apple keyboard connected to my iphone.  Which I must say works on ios7 and ios8.

There are some really cool little features such as pressing the Eject button on the keyboard brings down the on screen keyboard. 

In addition you can turn up or down the brightness of the phone or ipad using the brightness keys on the keyboard. 

Likewise the volume of the iphone / ipad can be also turned up or down using the volume and mute keys on the keyboard. 

There are a few shortcuts built into ios8 and ios7 including copy and paste, moving up and down to tops of pages and lines, and moving to next editable region when using mail. 

One drawback i have noticed there is no shortcut to actually "send" messages when using imessage or email. You still have to physically send them by touching the "send" icons on the device you are using. 

On the whole its a great experience and has a very quick response time when connecting via old bluetooth connectivity, and it seems to work very well. It does feel a little like a half assed project by apple - one of those things which some of the peices of the puzzle are missing "SEND" but other than that its great. 

If you do have a spare apple wireless bluetooth keyboard lying around your home like we do, then I do strongly recommend giving it a go! 

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