Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Diagnosed with early cancer

When people say the big scarry C word it is scary and you never expect yourself to be tied up in the disease. About two months ago I went for a routine lady doctors appointment to get the "coil" fitted. My doctor took one look and said "im not touching that" but in a nicer way. 

She informed me that my cervix looked fragile, was very lumpy and looked like it would bleed if touched. So instead she sent me for an emergency Colcoscopy. 

I had to wait for around 2-3 weeks for my appointment at my local hospital which was very quick for the NHS. 

After a visual examination the doctor informed me it didnt look too bad, however there was a couple of lumps which she assumed were cysts and nothing to worry about. 

As part of the examination a dye was injected in the offending are and unfortunatly an amount of "changed" cells showed up. These cells (at this point) are the founding cells of cancer.

Since abnormalities showed up, three biopsy samples of tissue around the area of abnormality were taken. 

I had no anesthetic at all, and to be honest it wasnt uncomfortable, just felt wierd. I was very interested in what they were doing and took a look at the tissue samples myself, they were about half a centimetre in diameter and obviously covered in blood. 

For the next week I was lightly bleeding from where they ripped the flesh from me but it never really caused any trouble apart from a light period type of pain and spotting. 

I was told there and then that I would have to have further treatment and depending upon what the biopsy results show it would depict what was to come next. At minimum I know that I will have to have a lot of tissue removed which will hopefully remove all of the abnormal tissue. 

I was told that it would take between 4 and 6 weeks for the arrival of the biopsy results. I am currently on week 5 of waiting so my head is currently racing. 

I already know that i have the early stages of cancer at minimum, the biopsy results should show how far along it has progressed and whether the three lumps i have on my cervix already are fully cancerous. 

Time will tell and from what i have been told on visual inpection it is at minimum CIN 2. 

I will try and keep my mind clear from all of this and progress the best I can given the circumstances, and hopefully what I can share here may help someone else out in the future. Personal experiences are powerful, compelling and can change a person. Hopefully for the better. 

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