Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A happy tropical community fish tank

For the past couple of years I have owned many tropical fish. I find them very relaxing to look at and once you have all the right equipment they are really low maintenance too. 

I first started out with a 15l biOrb fish tank. It was a small round traditional fish bowl shape with great filtration and pleasing on the eye. I added a heater and tropical fish and this is where my fishwifery story begins.


After the baby BiOrb tank I upgraded to a larger 60l superfish tank which came with filter, heater and built in lighting. It was a good size to fit in a corner or on a table. I still have this tank now and it happily housed several different types of tropical fish, including guppies, mollies, platties, swordtail and neons. 

For my birthday I was also bought a 19l nano tank which I am currently using to breed glass catfish. 

I quickly realised that the decent tropical fish out there needed more space so after looking online for a long time I came across a 250l tropical fish tank made by Boyu. I purchased this tank and it came with its own cabinet and hood filtration and built in lighting with heater too. 

This new tank gave me the opportunity to own some more amazing fish, including Glass catfish, sailfin pleco, flying foxes, siamese fighting fish, golden gouarmi, neon tetra, cardianal tetra, ember tetra, black neon tetra, swordtails, ghost knifefish, elephant fish, fire eels, cherry barbs, endler guppies and red clawed crabs. 

After about 1 year of weekly water changes and glass cleaning I realised that the built in hood filter was not suitable or powerful enough to actually keep the tank clean and water clear. I started noticing a green tint to the tank shortly after getting it.

At this point I invested in a £65 external filter which works at 1000lph and has a built in UV filter after about a week of using the external filter the tank has been crystal clear and even now one month after buying it the tank is still crystal clear, the UV filter has killed all the algae causing the green tint to the water and water changes are much less frequent - now down to one water change of 20l per month. The canister filter is very easy to clean out, you basically shut off the valves and take off the top then pour the dirt down the train, its really a two minute job. 

Today I have purchased five more fish for the community tank. Including two female siamese fighting fish, one bright red male siamese fighting fish (betta) and two 7inch silver sharks. Larger fish are really starting to fill out the tank and make it look a lot nicer. 

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