Friday, 2 May 2014

Love Fish - Concept Aquarium 19l Review

Recently I purchased a new nano fish tank. I have home bred some small but beautiful endler guppy hybrids and wanted a small, pretty and functional fish tank to display them. So I went to my local pets at home and found the "Love Fish - Concept Aquarium" which is a 19l small (nano) tank.

Love Fish Concept Aquarium 19lLove Fish Concept Aquarium 19l

Love Fish Concept Aquarium 19lLove Fish Concept Aquarium 19l

The box is white and orange and the tank itself is small and compact with a great design, glass roof, led light and an extremely functional three chamber filter compartment at the back (so you dont have to see the filter or pump) when viewing the tank.

When purchasing the tank for £45 I did not expect a great deal from this tank, however if you want a small nano tank setup for a few smaller fish then this tank is ideal! Its really easy to setup and comes with the following;

  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • 4x Filter Foams
  • 1x Bag of ceramic filter media
  • 1x Bag of activated carbon media
  • 1x Power head pump
  • 1x LED light

It also comes with all the necessary power supplies. It does not come with a heater however as I already have a couple of tropical tanks I had a heater spare. I did have to replace the power head of the pump as it was extremely noisy, the replacement was super quiet!

There are three filter compartments which are hidden from view at the back the first you can place your heater, the second is for the filter sponges and media, and the third houses the power head. This is an awesome design in itself as if your fish have babies they don't get sushi-ed through the power head as they are protected by the sponge filter section in-between.

I have now had this fish tank for about 2 months and all the fish are doing fine, in fact they are doing great, I have had my first batch of baby endler x guppy hybrids born in the tank along with a batch of baby cherry red shrimp. I must add that baby fish and shrimp do end up in the first filter compartment which is with the heater however you can get them out with a net, they are always unharmed when they go in there as they cannot reach the power head of the filter pump.

Its a beautiful tank to look at and now I have replaced the original power head it is super silent and stunning!

Here is the manufacturer's description
  • This Love Fish 19 Litre Concept Aquarium will create a stunning, stylish freshwater habitat.
  • The Concept aqaurium has a touch sensitive LED lighting system.
  • Which is ideal for supporting natural plant growth whilst minimizing algae growth.
  • The Concept aquarium has a large integrated filter which is neatly concealed from view.
  • Easy to maintain creating ideal water conditions in your aquarium.
  • Ideal for a Nano community of fish or planted underwater landscape.
  • This tank is ideal for Single Tailed Goldfish or Fancy Goldfish maximum of two.
  • However, will require a larger home as they grow.
  • This tank is also suitable for Temperate Fish
  • 5 x White Cloud Mountain Minnows + 1 x Apple Snail
  • 3 x Danios + 1 x Hong Kong Plec
  • 3 x Variatus Platys + 1 x Apple Snail
  • This tank can also be set up as a Tropical Tank if you wish to add a heater.
  • The tank would then be suitable for:
  • 6 x Threadfin Rainbows + 1 x Snail + 1 x Shrimp
  • 4 x Male Guppy + 1 x Snail1 x Male Dwarf Gouramis + 4 x Neon Tetra + 1 x Snail.
  • Approximate Dimensions (Product): 
  • 35 x 25 x 25cm.

I replaced my noisy pump with


  1. Hiya! Just wondering but what did you replace the pump with? Mine is also noisy so was looking into changing it.

    1. Just updated the post includes a link to the replacement pump which i bought.

  2. just bought one of these and its very noisy. was wondering what you replaced your powerhead with, where from and how much.

    1. Just updated the post includes a link to the replacement pump which i bought.

    2. replaced mine with a blagdon mf 275i water feature pump. £11.99 from The Range. only 270 l/h but original pump was too powerful at 500 l/h, I had the flow rate set at 50% on it. the blagdon is wide open and is just right for me

  3. The pump you replaced the original with, how noisy is that one? Is it silent? If have a stingray filter in my 30 litre tank which is completely silent but it love the look and idea of the hidden filter on this tank! Had mine 2 days now and the noise is driving me nuts.

    1. I have a stingray 15 myself and its no more noisy than that. Pretty quiet near silent and much quieter than the original that came with the tank. :)