Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Heart problems and stomach problems found

Well it's been a good few months of waiting and I have finally got some results back and started on treatment.

Turns out my throat issue was caused by my stomach producing a lot of stomach acid and my stomach valve is a bit faulty. 

This means that stomach acid has been filling my esophagus and up into my throat causing me to have problems eating and having a constant groggy throat and bringing up stomach acid having to spit it out several times a day. Basically as I was eating the good would hit the excess stomach acid in my throat and then take a long time to get to my stomach. A small amount of good eaten would get backed up and no further food would go down. I have been prescribed long term anti-acids to keep the stomach acid down to minimal levels. 

In regards to my heart I have been suffering with frequent palpitations after investigation turns out my top two valves in my heart are not working entirely normally. They have been basically stopping and then the valves have been pumping really quickly to make up for the missed beats. 

I have been assured that as it's the top sections of my heart and not the bottom two that it's not going to cause any issues and just something that I have to live with for the rest of my life with no treatment. 

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