Wednesday, 13 November 2013

250 litre Boyu Cabinet Aquarium

It's been a good while since I have updated content here on digexpert so here we go. A fresh start and hopefully the beginning of a lot more to come!

Recently in my life I have been very busy and in and out of hospital and the doctors a lot. 

I have taken up a few hobbies including model horse customisation, playing and producing minecraft videos and of course  setting up and managing my new ftropical fish tank. 

The new fish tank that I own is a 250 litre Boyu cabinet aquarium with hood / hob filtration which uses a trickle filtration setup. 

I have managed to find a massive ww2 aircraft carrier to sit nicely in the tank which is 70 cm log and managed to get hold of many plants to fill out the tank. 

I have not bought any new fish as I have managed to home grow a couple of black and Dalmatian mollies, about 40 guppies and many hundred orange swordtails (I passed the swordtails onto a local pet shop) 

I recently had a bout of Velvet disease in the tank which killed off all 4 of my rare purebred endlers livebearer guppies but hopefully the males have passed on their genes to a couple if female 3 month old homebred guppies. So maybe all is not lost and some pretty hybrids may be on the way as they are certainly pregnant. 

More news to come!

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  1. hi; avoid velvet and white spot keep temp at 80o all times, never had for 12 years like this???good luck
    ps whats the tank like for excess to filters and what has it in there? fred