Monday, 29 July 2013

9 Months of Throat Problems

Since November 2012 I have been suffering with problems swallowing after choking on a crisp . It has been progressively been getting worse and last week I bit the bullet and went into my local GP with my sore throat. I don't like going into the doctors with such mundane things but since I was having issues swallowing food it had got to the point where some further action had to be taken.

I expected the doctor to tell me that I had a throat infection, give me some antibiotics and send me on my way. However it turns out there is no throat infection at all. But because I have not been able to eat properly for the past 9 months I have become severely underweight and the doctor called me Anorexic.

She informed me that its one of three things:
1. A laceration in my throat (throat is cut open from the inside)
2. A lump in my throat (caused by the obstruction back in november which has built up)
3. Cancerous tumor

She gave me some pills to stop my throat spasms and to reduce the swelling and then referred me to a "throat cancer" specialist at my local hospital. I got the appointment within 14 days which is very quick for the UK NHS. She wanted to send me to the doctor who would be able to treat the "worse case scenario" or if its not that diagnose what the problem actually is with X-Rays and a camera down my throat to take samples.

Tomorrow is the big day for me, and I am hoping that they quickly find out what is wrong with my throat so they can fix it as soon as possible. That was I can fix the weight problem myself.

So now instead of feeling stupid about going in about a sore throat, I now feel stupid that I have left it so long for it to cause so many problems. And that its not just a sore throat.

I will keep this blog updated when I know more information.

*** 31st July 2013 Update***
Well today I went to the hospital, instead of doing an XRay they decided to stick a camera up my nose and down my throat. Good news is there is no damage to the inside of my throat at all. However because of my constant throat issues they want to do more tests. So, I will be given an appointment in the near future to go back to the hospital for them to do a live scan of me swallowing some dye so they can see how my body is swallowing food and liquids. By the sounds of things they think it is a muscle problem and nothing overly serious. But as before I am again playing the waiting game and I will keep you updated.

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