Tuesday, 11 June 2013

New iphone 5: less than two weeks old and wont charge.

Two weeks ago my mobile phone contract was due for an upgrade so I chose the new iPhone 5. However less than a week into iPhone 5 ownership it decided to no longer want to charge the battery. I called my phone contract provider who put me on the line with apple in america. The guy there seemed to think it was a cable problem and advised me to buy a new cable from them even though it was still well under warranty. Instead I decided to buy a cheap £1.99 iPhone 5 charging USB cable from eBay. Its now been a week of waiting for the new cable to arrive and I hope that it is just the cable that's the problem.
When the new cable arrives I will update and keep you posted... 

... day 7... still waiting for the arrival of new cable ... nothing to report.

Eventually after two weeks of waiting a new iphone cable arrived. This actually lasted one week before blowing up and I ordered another cable from a nearby shop the day after.

Im not sure if its just my iPhone 5 with cable issues but its actually now on its third iPhone 5 cable. The two mentioned above blew up within days/weeks of each other. 

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