Monday, 27 May 2013

Customizing Breyer Horses & Custom Breyer Horses For Sale

I have taken a great interest in customizing breyer horses. I have now completely recoloured two classic scale breyer horses.

The first I did was a lovely limited edition body of a grey morab called mariah. I recoloured it to become a lovely palomino mare. I first sanded the body removing seam lines and body imperfections. I then primed the model with white hobby primer and then coloured the model to become a lovely palomino with 10 layers of pastel chalks. I then detailed the face and hooves using acrylics and pencils.

 photo P5168251_zps24f5a3f0.jpg
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 photo P5168264_zps3bd73b0e.jpg
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 photo P5168250_zpsb2e6d9a4.jpg
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The second was a chocolate palomino mustang stallion, which again I completely stripped down, primed with white primer and re-coloured using 10 layers of pastels for the body and acylics for the mane, tail and detailing of the face and hooves.

This horse model is currently for sale on Model Horse Sales Pages.

 photo BR25_zps1e1b95a9.jpg
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 photo BR21_zps4dfc2cd3.jpg

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This horse model is currently for sale on Model Horse Sales Pages.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Keeping Tropical Fish: Just upgraded my tank to a bigger one.

Getting into keeping Tropical Fish
I have been getting into my tropical fish keeping for the past few months and a few days ago I chose to purchase a larger 60 liter glass tank. Prior to this purchase I had a Baby BiOrb 15 litre tank which only allowed me to own about 5-10 small fish.

The Old Tanks
Before I purchased the bigger tank I had two smaller tanks, the 15 liter BabyBiorb had a Siamese Fighting fish and 6 neon tetra (I had 8 but one committed suicide by swimming into the filter and another was eaten by my crab which I later moved into his own 5 liter tank)

The new tank:
My New 60 litre Tropical Fish Aquarium
The tank I purchased was for £67.00. It is a SuperFish 60, not sure of the manufacturer, but it came with a filter and heater so was a good value new aquarium for me. Especially it being over 5x larger than my little 15 liter tank.

I got the new tank setup, upto temperature, water purified and bacterial culture added and 3 days later, it was time to add my current fish and buy some new ones.

As this tank is a lot bigger my rather aggressive Siamese Fighting Fish has chilled out and no longer attacks any other fish (when he was in the smaller tank he would kill anything that was bigger than a neon within 10 minutes).

The Fish
I went out and bought a selection of tropical fish, some that live near the bottom, some in the middle and some on the top section of the tank.

Black Molly
Red Clawed Crab
Glowlight Tetra
Orange Swordtail Platy
Silver Molly
Siamese Fighting Fish
Neon Tetra
Elephant Nosed Fish

I currently have 19 critters and fish in my lovely new tank including:

  • 6x Neon Tetra
  • 4x Glowlight Tetra
  • 2x Silver Mollies
  • 2x Black Mollies
  • 2x Orange Swordtail Platties
  • 1x Red Claw Crab
  • 1x Siamese Fighting Fish
  • 1x Elephant Nosed Fish