Friday, 19 April 2013

How to resolve your testing server's IIS not working with "iisreset"

I have been using my macbook pro in Windows 7 for about 6 months as a business computer and testing server from which I do graphics and manage and make websites. Every so often I have an issue where my local IIS simply stops working and related errors will appear on my local machine in reference to the IIS not being active or working. 

Until now I had to restart my computer and hopefully the IIS would start, the last time it happened today, I restarted the machine and IIS was still not working. 

However I found a quick solution to this issue.

By going to the start menu and typing then running "iisreset" this has resolved my issue and my local IIS has started working again. 

I hope that this solution will help you and anyone else resolve their IIS not working on their local machine or testing server. 

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