Friday, 8 March 2013

How to search for the location online of an image

If you own a website where your users can upload pictures to your servers it is important that the images that they use are not copyrighted so that you are not liable for prosecution if the "poop hits the fan" as they say. There are several ways around this:

Manually check all images that your users upload. 
If an image is copyrighted then the owner of the image should have put a copyright mark on their work.

For example: 

  • Ⓒ 
  • (C) 
  • (c)
  • The word "Copyright" 
  • The abbreviation "Copr."
However if you have a gallery or something similar or the image does not have a copyright mark on it, but you are sure you have seen it elsewhere on the internet,  to that where you have to manually check the pictures before they are submitted what you can do is save the image to your computer and then use googles image search facility at

You can the click the camera icon and upload the image that you want to check to google and it will check all websites that have been indexed by google for similar images. This is excellent and works brilliantly for checking images and their legal status.

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