Thursday, 20 December 2012

Setting up the Wii U Console

Yesterday I bought myself the Wii U Basic White Package from Currys/PC World. It cost me £249 and I picked it up that day after reserving it the night before online.

Whats in the box.

With the basic package you recieve the following items:

  • The White Console
  • The White Controller
  • Power cable & brick for the console
  • Power cable & brick for the controller
  • HDMI Cable
  • Leaflets & Manuals

Before use: First impressions the console itself.

The console is quite large (bigger than original wii console) but much smaller than an xBox 360 or PS3, and it feels quality when you pick it up. It is very easy to setup, just plug in the power cable and connect the HDMI to the TV.

Before use: First impressions Handheld Controller

The hand held game pad is very large, however it is remarkably light and again feels like a good quality product.

Setting up the console the first time

After plugging in all the power cables and HDMI cable from the console to the TV, it was time to turn on the console for the first time. To start with the controller and the console are not synced, so you have to turn on both separate which is understandable.

Once you are in the setup menu, you sync the controller with the console the instructions are provided on both the TV and the Handheld screen. From there you go through a lot of setup stages including setting up the controller to work with your TV and SKY box (if you have SKY), this allows you to turn on/off the tv and select the input mode of the tv. With the SKY sync it will allow you to go through the menus of the sky box which is very handy indeed. Additional setups include connecting your wii u console to your wireless internet broadband router, its very self explanatory. And creating your Mii Character and connecting to the Nintendo network.

In addition to this you will be able to setup the sensor bar and old wii remotes to the console too. As I bought the basic package old wii controllers and sensor bar are not included in the box, however I already have the old wii and so used them, they work fine with no problems whatsoever.

Once you have done all the setting up your wii u will then connect to the internet and download the latest update for the console itself. This for me took about 2 hours on 12mb WIFI broadband.

Features of the Wii U

When I bought the console it was very close to christmas (7 days before) and therefore I didnt want to ruin christmas by buying a game with it. Which gives me a good amount of time to figure out the features of the console and game pad itself. Firstly I must say that the Wii U is a very "social" console. On the main Wii U menu you see lots of other people who are currently playing on the console. This information is gathered through the "Miiverse" part and it categorises other people by the games that they play. You can see recent posts in a chat bubble which is really quite cool. As I am in the UK I believe that Nintendo have put me on a European server as many of the other people are speaking french and german, as well as English. 

There are apps already installed onto the Wii u including Netflix, Youtube, internet browser and Nintendo eShop. If you dont have a game with your console then you can download "Demos" of games. I have downloaded Fifa 13 and Rayman demos which have allowed me to experience the hand held controller and how the screen supports gameplay with easy accessible menus and screens. 

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