Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Farming Simulator 2013: Coming to Wii U

Today it has come to my attention that "Giant Software" will be bringing the joys of Farming Simulator 2013 to the new Nintendo Wii U Console probably sometime during 2013. I personally love simulation games and have been a long standing fan of Farming Simulator for many years.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Farming Simulator on the PC and more so recently on the 3DS too. It gives hours of enjoyment and the ability to do something productive. The developer has not yet confirmed a date of release however I believe it will on its way soon.

Farming Simulator 2013 is somewhat different from the past incarnations of the game, with more realistic graphics and textures and the addition of the ability to breed animals, such as chickens, cows and sheep.

In Farming Simulator 2012 the did start the inclusion of animals in the form of cows which if were happy would produce you some moo juice (milk) that could be sold for a profit. But the amount of time that you had to put into working with them (feeding etc) I found it more enjoyable simply tending to the land and reaping the crops of profit (with the help of some moo slurry of course).

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