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A well deserved holiday: Clube Humbria, Algarve, Portugal.

Today my partner and I have finally booked a holiday abroad for us both to enjoy. The last and only prior time we both have been abroad was back in January 2009 when we visited Finland. This year we have a lot of work starting in January which will last at least 3 years so the only time we will be able to get away for a holiday is this month (November 2012). As our last holiday abroad was a snow holiday, we decided to opt for the exact opposite, a sunny beach holiday in the south of Portugal.

We decided on Algarve, Portugal simply because its warmer than the minus degrees celcius we are currently getting here in the UK and as its part of Europe, the price is less than £400 for the two days all inclusive hotel, flights and full transport including to and from our house to the airport and from the airport in Faro to the hotel.

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The hotel which we have chosen is the Clube Humbria, which is a short walk of 700m from the beach itself. We have chosen all inclusive which means we dont have to buy food or drinks, and already booked the taxi service to and from the hotel. Including flights to Faro Airport, from Manchester Airport and back again the whole holiday cost less than £400.

I will be writing up a complete review of our experiences in the Algarve and of the Hotel itself after the 25th November 2012.

What we should expect:
Here are some pictures of what we should expect from the hotel and surrounding area. I will try and take pictures from the same locations when I get there and start exploring this small piece of Portugal.

What our apartment should look like (note private balcony)
View of apartment from near bed (note kitchenette, TV)
View of the Hotel from back side of pool

Our Experience at Clube Humbria

We visited Clube Humbria between the 20th November 2012 until the 23rd November 2012. We had an amazing three days at the hotel and honestly cannot say anything bad about it whatsoever. For £350 all inclusive including flights value for money is a definite. 

Arriving at the hotel

Upon arriving at Clube Humbria at 11am. We checked in, but our room was not ready until 1:30pm. We did not mind as the staff safely stored our luggage in the back office for safe keeping and gave us everything we needed for our holiday. We went all inclusive which means all drinks and food were included in the price we had already paid. We went for a cold drink at the bar, and all staff were super friendly and spoke good english, with a smile on their face. As we had a few hours before our room was ready, we went for an exploration around the hotel, found where we were going to be eating our meals and where the bar was. 

We went outside and relaxed by the pool. The first day the pool was full of debris from the Tornado which hit the area a couple days before we arrived. The pool was cleaned the next day, the water was cold so no-one was swimming anyways so it was not a problem. 

The room

When our room was ready we were very pleasently surprised with the appartment itself. There were four rooms, all smelling extremely clean and it was very tidy. The living room came with two sofas, kitchen, dining table and a door to the balcony. 

The hall was clean with a luggage stand which led onto the bathroom, living room and bedroom. 
The bedroom was lovely another balcony, the beds were solid and there were pleanty of sheets and extra blankets and pillows. Complete with safe in the room. 

The bathroom was complete with marble sink, hairdryer, clean toilet, bidet, shower and bath. The shower was very powerful and was a refreshing change from the one we have at home. Initially our bathroom light was constantly flickering for the first day, but that quickly resolved itself. We did notice a few ants but considering its a very hot country and the quantity was few, it was not a problem in the slightest. 

We had a back facing appartment but the view was still stunning, at night you can hear dogs and insects (crickets) and there are a few bats flying around which was actually lovely to hear. 

The hotel & facilities

During the day we quickly noticed the number of cats around the hotel. First they are timid, but once they realise you like cats they are super friendly and come for a rub. They only stayed outside, and we assumed that they where there to keep the large bugs away from the hotel areas (we didnt see any big bugs at the hotel at all we found an amazing 6inch grasshopper at the nearby beach cove and a huge beetle crossing the road in town). 

The staff are really friendly and always had a smile on their face, we had three meals a day at the restaurant in the hotel and the food was buffet style which was awesome as you could pick what you wanted and they didnt mind you going for seconds. 

Pool: Post Tornado

Pool: After Cleaning
Hotel Reception 

Hotel Melody Bar

Hotel Grounds

The Pool

The surrounding area

We ventured down to the beach twice a day, its a stunning fishing village. Just beautiful. 

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