Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Whats new in iOS 6?

Tonight I have had an update for my MacBook Pro for itunes which clearly states its for iPad, iphone and ipod touch running iOS 6. This is a good confirmation that ios 6 is on its way in the very near future for apple devices. After seeing this itunes update i headed on over to the internet and looked into it. Turns out Apple are planning on releasing IOS 6 for the ipad, iPod touch and iphone tomorrow. Thats the 19th September 2012.

When is iOS 6 due for release in the UK?

iOS 6 is due for release in the UK on the 19th September 2012.

What will iOS 6 give us?

  • Updated Maps which will provide turn by turn navigation
  • Siri - yes siri will be available on iOS6, 
    • SIRI will have more local knowledge
    • More language recognition than before. 
    • If you live in the UK, you may no longer hear, "sorry i can only find maps, businesses in the USA, and siri has local knowledge.
    • Have SIRI open apps for you
  • Facebook is integrated throughout the iOS allowing you to quickly post to facebook etc. 
  • Shared PhotoStreams: Share your photos with friends online.
  • Passbook: Saves your boarding cards, cinema tickets, and coupons etc. on your phone.
  • Mail: Your email is more streamlined and has a VIP list (favourite contacts)
  • Safari: if you use more than one apple device, your opened web pages will be stored, so if you go to another device then it is saved for you, for example: have facebook and twitter open on your MacBook Pro. Go to your iPad and load Safari - the same pages will be loaded in tabs for you.
  • Lots of updates to accessibility so anyone can use the device - even the vision impaired.
  • Updates to the Facetime application
For the iPhone:
  • More options when you have a call, including
    • Auto reply when you cancel a call by sending the caller a text
    • Setup reminders to remind you to call them back
    • Set times of day where your phone automatically re-directs calls to your answer phone so you dont get calls from work - out of work hours etc. 

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