Friday, 28 September 2012

Our cat that acts like a dog

As a cat owner I have noticed that our cat in particular loves to sleep in the most bizarre places. I recently painted the decking in our back yard and within 10 minutes of it drying our cat decides that the decking is the best place to sleep at that moment in time, he didn't sleep in a normal cat position either. He chose to sleep in a sit position but with his head between his back paws (like a gerbil).

Hes is a very unusual cat, we got him as a kitten at 12 weeks old from a cat rescue shelter (he was born at the shelter itself so was never abused) we brought him home and our old German Shepherd x Labrador (who has recently passed away who was also a rescue originally) adopted him as her puppy. We know our dog has had a litter of puppies in the past which we believe along with her good nature was a great thing as she knew how to act carefully around a tiny kitten.

Our cat now still has a good few mannerisms of a dog since our dog practically brought up the cat from being a kitten. He is very intelligent and is willing to learn. He has already learnt several tricks which he does on both verbal command and hand gestures, including "sit", "beg" and "spin".

Additionally he has a weird love of water, often we find him playing in his water bowl splashing the water around with his paws. And several times I have walked into the kitchen to find him literally sat in the water bowl. He is very peculiar like that.

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