Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Nintendo Direct Wii U Preview: 13th September 2012

Today I was notified by Nintendo that on the 13th September 2012 at 3pm there will be a live preview online of the upcoming new Nintendo Console the Wii U.

Nintendo have announced to us that they will be using Nintendo Direct European Edition to preview the Wii U their latest upcoming console. Nintendo will be live streaming their preview of the Wii U console on the 13th September starting at 3PM (GMT) UK time. We expect that the European Nintendo company president Satoru Shibata will be taking us through the console, its features, specifications and capabilities of the Wii U console.
There will be a similar event held in america at the same time, which is being hosted by the American Nintendo company president Reggie Fils-Aime, where the American preview is being held in New York.

It is rumoured that in the New York preview of the Wii U they will be informing potential buyers of the console of the price and official launch date.

There are also several rumours floating around that prior to the Wii U console will be released on the 18th November 2012, and rumoured prices of the console vary significantly from between £200 and £300. All we know prior to the official preview of the console is it should be released this "holiday season"

What we know at minimum is the Wii U is the successor to the highly popular Wii Console, the Wii U is expected to feature a control pad which itself has a 6.2" touch screen which is expected to be known as the Wii U Gamepad. This gamepad, Nintendo are hoping will 'redefine' how users of the Wii U can interact with their games, and each other.

When and where can I watch the live prievew?

You will be able to watch the preview of the Wii U on the 13th September 2012 at 3pm UK Time.
To watch the preview you go to www.nintendo.co.uk/nintendodirect

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