Thursday, 20 September 2012

iOS 6: Where's my iPad 1 update?

If you are the proud owner of the original iPad 1 then you would have heard that iOS 6 was released to the public by Apple yesterday on the 19th September 2012. I am also an iPad 1 owner and sad to say Apple no longer are supporting iOS updates for the iPad 1. This means there is NO iOS 6 for the iPad 1.

My partner has an iPad 3 and and iPhone 4s both his devices have had and installed the iOS 6 update with no problems whatsoever.

So basically Apple will not be pushing the iOS 6 update to the original iPad 1 devices as they no longer support their first iPad.

Frustrating I know, but that's life, technology becomes outdated pretty much as soon as its made, and Apple devices are no exception to this. The only good news is they are still updating the apps that come from apple for iPad 1 devices so hopefully we may get the updated maps from the App Store. But no siri im sad to inform.

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