Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Guide: Adopting a dog from the RSPCA

Lucia our german shepherd x labrador
2001 - 2012 RIP

Six years ago we adopted a German Shepherd x Labrador from the RSPCA in Blackpool. Many people wonder how difficult it is to go through the process of adopting a dog from the RSPCA. Many dogs that arrive at the RSPCA are often neglected or abused, however this is not always the case. Our dog arrived at the RSPCA as a 9 year old due to her elderly owner passing away.

When we decided we wanted the privilage of owning a dog we knew we did not want to buy from a breeder and a middle aged / elderly dog was best for us as they do not require as much exercise and are usually better behaved than bouncy puppies.

The first thing that I did was call up the RSPCA local to our area and see if they had any German Shepherd dogs avaliable at the time. They informed me that they had one at that time and she had been in the center for approximatly 4 months already. A very long time for any dog to be kept at the RSPCA.

The next day we went down to the RSPCA and fell in love with the dog which we heard about over the telephone the prievious day. Her name at the time was Lucia (they pronounced it Lu-chi-a). We decided there and then that she would be the perfect hound for our home and family.

We filled out the paperwork and the RSPCA arranged a date with us where they could inspect our house and make sure that its suitable for our potential future companion. The inspection occured two weeks later.

The inspectors came and they were very happy with us, our house and what we could provide the dog and so they said "YES". About a week later we picked up our new dog from the RSPCA in Blackpool and she became a great friend and amazing companion. We were asked to give a donation of £85 which we were happy to provide for such a lovely and amazing dog.

RSPCA Blackpool:

Before you get a dog, don't forget to buy your new family member some toys to chew!

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