Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Earn money with your blog

If you are one of those people (like me) who enjoy reviewing websites, products and services, or even just writing a lot of information about interesting things you have discovered in your life which you feel may help others in some way, then you may start thinking "How can I make money through my Blog?".

I have been recently asking the same thing and I have found two companies in particular who seem really good at monetizing your blog. This is done by advertisers asking you to write reviews about one of their services, products, promotions etc and if you choose to write the content that they want published and they accept what you have written, then you will earn money over time from using these services.

The service that I used most is PayPerPost, in the first week of using the company I have earned $8.50 by writing and publishing content.

My most recent discovery was SocialSpark. I am currently still in the process of setting up my Blog with the company as it needs manual verification at their end, but if its anything like PayPerPost, I hope that everyone involved will be productive.

Click the banner below to take a look at

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