Monday, 24 September 2012

Breakdown Insurance with Drive 24-7

Breakdown insurance is not a mandatory form of vehicle insurance, however finding yourself in the middle of no-where or in a town or city that you don't know very well, sat in a vehicle which has broken down can be a very daunting dilemma for even the boldest of person.

Breakdown insurance is a very cost effective way of making sure that if your vehicle does unfortunately break down, then your costs are covered! Breakdown insurance can be obtained for the UK only, or if you plan on visiting Europe any time soon, some breakdown insurance companies will also cover you for this too.

I have recently been looking into breakdown insurance as I am currently living in the UK, and I am planning to visit France (which is part of Europe) in the next few weeks. I have been looking at all the different breakdown insurance companies out there and I have come across a very reputable company called Drive 24-7.

From my understanding they offer two different policies, one for the UK, and one for the UK and Europe (EU). As I am planning on visiting France in the upcoming weeks I chose to take out a UK and EU policy with Drive 24-7. As of midnight tonight I am fully covered for the next 12 months when taking my car to France.

If I break down in my car here in the UK or in France, the policy which I have purchased basically says:

If i breakdown in Europe or the UK and call them:

  • Roadside assistance will be given
    • If the vehicle can be fixed at the side of the road it will be. (FREE)
    • If the vehicle cannot be fixed at the side of the road they will take me to my destination (FREE).
    • If they cannot take me to my destination that day, they will pay for a hotel. (FREE)

"My friend took down breakdown insurance with Drive 247 a couple years ago and her experience with Drive 247 is 5 star, she had used them in the past for her old car, and the response time was excellent!"

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