Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Animal Crossing: Wii U (Sweet Day Mini-Game)

I have a love of the Animal Crossing games, and I was excited to discover that there is already an Animal Crossing mini-game in development for the Wii U. From what I can see it will be known as Animal Crossing: Sweet day. I must stress that this is a MINI-GAME part of Nintendo Land and not a new full Animal Crossing game.

Either way the game takes on the whole new Wii U console experience allowing its users to easily play the game with others in the same room.

Below is a custom prieview of the mini-game Animal Crossing: Sweet day provided by IGN after the preview by Nintendo at 2012 E3.

This following preview shows mini-game "Animal Crossing: Sweet Day for the Wii U. The featured preview shows the players collecting sweets which make their characters heads bigger and in turn run slower after time, with another player being the chasers trying to catch the players and steal back the sweets.

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