Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Fabulous Artwork: Featured artist Super Cosmic

If you are looking for some amazing and unique painting for your house, flat, apartment or work place I strongly recommend taking a look at some of the work provided by an amazing talent known online as Super Cosmic the winner of the 2012 Peoples Choice awards.

This artist uses some amazing colours to really bring a whole new perspective to the subjects she is painting. She has made some amazing landscapes, inanimate objects and real life including people and animals. Super Cosmic has won several awards, including the "Peoples Choice" award 2012. And will be having many of her works in several exhibitions during 2012.

If you have a few moments spare could anyone please visit and click on each of the art titles, and press the Facebook "like"at the bottom, im hoping this will help a friend out in the competition for 2012. (only 6 days left) the more facebook likes she gets for her work the better she will do! PLEASE!

Super Cosmic - Forêt Rouge - Red Forest
Forêt Rouge - Red Forest

Super Cosmic - 2012 Supermoon At the Cove
2012 Supermoon At the Cove

Super Cosmic - Silent Paradise Rejoiced - Pastel
Silent Paradise Rejoiced

Super Cosmic - An Enchanted Autumn
An Enchanted Autumn

Be sure to check out her online gallery at
Or check out her blog at

Friday, 3 August 2012 becomes

Microsoft have announced that they will be dropping the domain, in the near future and will be re-directing all hotmail email users to
I have been checking out the ins and outs of and I can confirm that it is a much more user friendly interface than Its design reflects the upcoming Windows 8 Operating system and Microsoft are offering email addresses to its users.

Be sure to check it out at

When you use you will be able to send and receive emails from your normal Hotmail or Live email accounts.

As it is a Microsoft website you just use your regular email and password to login (just like in hotmail). I really like the addition of a slick messenger service built in so you can chat to your msn and facebook friends at the same time if you wish.

How to fix: Gestures no longer work on Mountain lion

I recently updated my MacBook Pro to Mountain Lion and I quickly discovered that some of my trackpad gestures stopped working. Including the three finger swipe to move to next full screen program, which I found very frustrating.

After investigating this issue, some people say its a screensaver issue, which others say you need to disable the gestures which came with mountain lion. Both of these do not help solve the issue.

How to re-enable three finger swipe to move between full screen applications

However I found in the extra gestures settings that Mountain Lion changes three finger swiping for four finger swiping across multiple open full screen programs, its a very simple fix.

How to re-enable three finger swipe gestures

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Go to Trackpad
  • Click on "More Gestures"
  • In "Swipe between full screen apps" change the setting to "Swipe left or right with three fingers"

Mountain Lion: OS X Review

I am the owner of a MacBook Pro and it came with OS X Lion when I purchased it. Last night I decided to purchase OS X Mountain Lion operating system from the AppStore built into Apple. And in general I am somewhat please with the update itself. I use my MacBook Pro for work purposes and Personal Purposes and the inclusion of the Notification Centre especially, I find very useful. I can easily see what tasks I need to do today and mark them off as required.

I have also noticed more magic trackpad gestures and the inclusion of a separate "Notes" section which is much better as I found it very tedious to login to the Mail every time I wanted to check my notes. As its a separate thing now I don't need to load my Emails before finding my Notes.

Additionally Notification center has the ability to post "Tweets" to twitter directly from it. However when I installed Mountain Lion I also expected to have the "Facebook" integration too into "Notification Centre" but apparently this feature will be released in "Fall" (thats Autumn time to us British Folks). So it will be there, just not yet.

I didnt have any trouble downloading or installing Mountain Lion even when I have a separate partition for Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro. Before installing it asks you what partition you want Mountain lion installed to. All my emails, notes, pictures, documents didn't get formatted when Mountain Lion was installed, and it has been a pleasant experience.

As with iMessage, I have been able to link up my iMessage, Facebook Chat and MSN Messenger contacts (with the help of a MSN plugin) and it works seamlessly. Prior to this I was using Adium.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Windows 8 Release Date for public sale and MSDN.

Microsoft had scheduled the final release of Windows 8 to be completed today the 1st August 2012. Whether or not they have been able to stick to their chaotic schedule or not is another thing.

Assuming that their final release has been completed today, and assuming that Microsoft are still due to release Windows 8 on the  26th October 2012, in general Microsoft will make Windows 8 available to developers via the MSDN Collection 2 Months prior to the actual release date we should be seeing Windows 8 (the final release) available in the MSDN collection for download on approximately the 26th August 2012 (later this month).

Recent news does suggest that Windows 8 for MSDN may be available as soon as the 15th August 2012.

Lets hope that Windows 8 will be a good as it looks and have plenty of support and back program compatibility like Windows 7.

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