Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Quest for a diagnosis: possible under active thyroid

I have been diagnosed with M.E/CFS, however I am not convinced that this is the condition that I have, since this diagnosis is given when your GP has no clue after a standard blood test. However as I also have problems with re-currant / multiple miscarriages (7 in 15 months trying for our first) I am not convinced fully that it is M.E/CFS that I have, even though my father has also been diagnosed with the condition (but its not hereditary apparently and does not cause miscarriage let alone re-currant).

  • Basically I have the following medical problems:
  • Chronic Tiredness
  • Agonising contant muscle pain
  • Excess cartilage being produced in random places
  • Recurrent miscarriage (7 in 15 months)
  • Severe skin discolouration (goes from blotchy, to purple and black)
  • Heart palpitations daily
  • Dry/brittle hair
  • Minor hair loss around my ears
  • Blurry vision
  • Migraines with partial sight loss
  • Migraine paralysis (parts of my face go numb)
  • Cannot gain weight (i have been 6 stone for 9 years) no matter what i eat.

I have recently heard about under-active thyroid also known commonly as hypothyroidism which can cause many of the problems that I suffer with on a daily basis. So i have ordered online a home thyroid test kit which will test my blood for under active thyroid.

I am hoping that this will give me some answers, and hopefully if this is the case then maybe I wont have to live in constant agony (27 years has been enough) and maybe I might be able to have children and a family of my own - just like normal people.

Where to buy a Home Thyroid test for under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism)

I bought mine from amazon.co.uk for £8 delivered.
You can buy yours from amazon too from amazon. - this is the one I bought however I was unable to collect enough blood specimen for it to work (i heal quickly).

What happened next? 19th June 2012

As I was unable to collect enough blood for the home test I could not do the test myself. However on Monday I went to the doctor and asked him to check my records to see if I had recently had a thyroid test, as I have had 8 vials of blood taken for testing. Apparently one of those tests was for thyroid and it came back normal so I do not have a Thyroid problem, even though my symptoms are very similar.

Then what? 30th August 2012

After being referred to a specialist, they informed me that general hospital results that come back "normal" will often come back when done by a specialist as "not normal" so basically I have had another 6 vial of bloods taken, this time they are going to do a "full spectrum thyroid test" so they have not ruled out I do have a thyroid problem. I will hear back from the hospital on the 15th October 2012.

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