Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Doctor Trip: Dislocated back, torn tendons, tooth abcess.

I went to the doctor on Monday its been 7 months since I last went and my doctor was very supportive still and worried about what I have been through. I told him the truth regarding how many miscarriages I have had in 15 months which now totals 7, trying for our first child.

Due to this extreme case of recurrent miscarriage has has sent a letter to my local hospital where I went for tests to refer  me to a specialist in Liverpool who looks into recurrent miscarriages. I should hear back with an appointment within the next 2 weeks hopefully regarding this.

I also mentioned to my doctor that I have had some severe back pain for a week after it made a "popping" sound. Turns out I dislocated one of my rotation joints in my back and torn the tendons when it popped back into place a couple days later. I can deal with the back pain, its no where as bad as my constant ME/CFS pain that I live with on a daily basis so rest has been prescribed for my back.

Additionally I have an access on my tooth root which he has given me very strong antibiotics which I have to take 3 a day for 5 days to hopefully sort it out.

So I'm trying to chill out a bit now and relax to give my back some time to sort itself out.

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