Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Keepon Dancing robot helps children with autism.

If you live in the UK and have seen the amazing new EDF Energy Mascot known to the world as Zingy then you may have looked into his background. He was developed by a company for EDF however the original design has been available for purchase in the shops for quite a while now.

For more information on ZINGY the EDF Energy Mascot - Please click here.

The EDF Energy Mascot is based on the "My Keepon" also known as "The Dancing Robot" designed and developed in Japan. And is appealing to both adults and children. Children have a magnetic attraction to this friendly bopping character and brings a smile to any face.

My Keepon helps children with autism

So a doctor called Kozima chose this friendly robot to participate in an experiment to see how children who have autism interact with this character. Prior to the little yellow friendly character they used larger mechanical robots in the shape of a child. However many children were afraid of the character, but when presented with the little yellow "My Keepon" dancing robot things changed.

Children with autism have great difficulty to socialise however this yellow my keepon character seemed to help break the ice and break through to these children, and bring out behaviour which the doctors and even parents had never seen in their children.

Where can I get a My Keepon (dancing robot)?

Now the big question left is "WHERE CAN I GET ONE!" Have no fear, here are some listings on eBay for new and used My Keepon dancing robots!

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