Monday, 14 May 2012

iPhone 5: What will it look like?

Officially there has been no news on what the upcoming iPhone 5 looks like however common assumptions and this concept design by "Ciccarese Design" seem to show that it may remarkably look like the Apple Magic Mouse.

Graphics & Design by

What will the iPhone 5 look like?

If you are already an Apple iMac user then you will realise straight away that this cheeky looking iPhone5 design looks to be almost exactly the same shape as the "Magic Mouse", plus a screen.

Lets hope that no-one gets confused and drags their new iPhone5 across their desktop scratching the screen, instead of using their magic mouse on their iMac. If this is the planned design for the iPhone 5.

When will the iPhone 5 be released?

Chances are it will be late 2012.

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