Thursday, 27 September 2012

Recurrent miscarriage: 9 miscarriages in a row

I am writing this because not many people talk about miscarriage let alone recurrent miscarriage, I found little comfort online after looking at hundreds of forum posts and no-one really wants to talk about it for obvious reasons, I believe that talking is a key part to getting over miscarriage and helping people understand what its like, especially if they have been through a miscarriage themselves.

Whatever way you look at it, its still an extremely traumatic experience for any woman to go through, both physically and mentally.

My Miscarriages: 9 in 24 months

Unfortunately I am one of the less than 1% women who go through recurrent miscarriage trying for our first child. I am currently 27 years old and in the past 24 months I have had 9 miscarriages. Its one of those things that never gets easier, the more it happens the harder it gets to cope with. And it is a devastating and traumatic experience both physically on the body and mentally.

I have been fortunate in one respect as each of the 8 miscarriages have been early at between 4-8 weeks and so have never needed to go to hospital, and I have learned how to cope with it at home, and learned to know what is happening as soon as the symptoms start, and what to do when it does happen.

  • 1st Miscarriage: November 2010
  • 2nd Miscarriage: January 2011
  • 3rd Miscarriage: March 2011 (on my birthday tragically)
  • 4th Miscarriage: April 2011 (yes I became pregnant the month after my last miscarriage)
  • 5th Miscarriage: September 2011
  • 6th Miscarriage: December 2011
  • 7th Miscarriage: April 2012
  • 8th Miscarriage: September 2012
  • 9th Miscarriage: November 2012

Early signs of pregnancy

Sadly I  have a lot of experience on this, the first signs of pregnancy are breast tenderness and enlargement (i go up one cup size even in early pregnancy) which is noticeable to me simply because I am normally not even a AA bra size. Pregnancy is confirmed by a positive home pregnancy test.

Another sign that I personally have is the urge to tidy everything up, even if its not messy and I do have more nose bleeds when I am in the early stages of pregnancy.

And of course a missing / late period is a very good tell tale sign. I have a very accurate 28 day cycle and missing aunt flo is obviously a good tell tale sign of pregnancy.

My signs of miscarriage

My 8 miscarriages have all been very similar. Between 6 and 10 days of a missing period I start with agonising pain in my lower abdomen, on one occasion when I was 8 weeks along I even suffered with contractions which were not nice at all. Very soon after the pain, the bleeding will start, 6 out of the 8 of my miscarriages it was very heavy bleeding combined with pain, the bleeding for me lasts between 5 and 15 days. The bleeding becomes lighter after passing large clots and tissue of the unborn which the body has already broken down. One of the miscarriages also resulted in agonising back pain which made everything more difficult as it simply hurt to move.

I have found that home pregnancy tests are a reasonable way to see if the pregnancy is getting stronger or weaker, I test in the morning, if the positive line is getting stronger throughout the week then the pregnancy is progressing well, however I have noticed with my pregnancies the positive line was getting weaker throughout the week. Sometimes the positive line will stay positive 7 days after the miscarriage has started however they always turn negative in the end.

What I do when I know I am going through another miscarriage

Every woman is different and handle things in different ways, however I am one of those people who live in the moment and am able to deal with what I am going through. When it happens I always stay at home, and try make myself as comfortable as I can, with a hot water bottle in hand to help ease the cramping and contractions when they occur, obviously wearing a sanitary pad - NEVER use a tampon when going through a miscarriage. It is highly recommended to go to the A&E department of your local hospital when you suspect a miscarriage is occurring, however I have not done this as I know what is happening, and I prefer to be in a safe and known environment when it happens. 

When it happens I always inform my Doctor. 

What is the cause of recurrent miscarriage?

For me as of yet there is no cause, however at miscarriage 3 I went to a specialist at a local hospital who took 6 vials of blood, did a physical exam and ultrasound and everything came back normal. Blood, hormones, physically and no STD's were found which could cause the miscarriages. 

However they think that I may have more Natural killer cells than most women. Natural killer cells are cells that attack intruders in the body, such as virus', colds that kind of thing. If you have more natural killer cells than normal then the natural killer cells work overtime (over active immune system) and they will attack and remove anything that they do not think should be there - including the unborn.

So what happens next?

I was informed by my Doctor that he wants to recommend me for the Natural Killer Cell testing at the only hospital in the UK doing research into this condition. It is still experimental but it does seem to have some amazing results for some women who have had multiple miscarriages and after treatment have gone on to have a successful pregnancy.

The referral: 30th August 2012

After being referred to the specialist in Liverpool Hospital they asked me a load of questions and took another 6 vials of blood, and informed me that they were testing again for Lupus, blood thickness tests, hormone tests and a "full spectrum thyroid test". I was also informed that results of blood tests at general hospitals are no where near as accurate as those done by this hospital themselves. So "normal" results at a general NHS hospital are quite frankly inaccurate. There was no mention of NK Cell trials but i'm sure they know what they are doing.

I will hear back of my results on the 15th October 2012. I will keep you informed.

Update: 28th September 2012 - Pregnant for an 8th time.

Last week I found that I was once again pregnant, I discovered this to my joy on the Saturday morning. Saturday evening I noticed a pink discharge when I wiped, I thought nothing off it as its very common for this to happen in early pregnancy as the egg is burrowing into the womb.

Sunday morning I noticed dark red / brown blood when I wiped so i put on a pad and wished for the best.

Sunday night the blood had turned bright red when I wiped however there was very little on the pad itself. I didnt have any pain so was not worrying too much, and within 24 hours it turned back to a dark red/brown colour with a few clots. I did another home pregnancy test and again I got two lines, however (like in my past pregnancies) the positive line was fainter than my initial positive home pregnancy test.

The bleeding when I wiped persisted for about 4 days and then stopped. Still hoping for the best I did another home pregnancy test but this time it came up negative. So unfortunately the bleeding was in fact a miscarriage. I would have been 4 weeks pregnant when it happened. But what was unusual about this miscarriage was there was NO pain whatsoever, I usually have stabbing pains but this time nothing.

I am still waiting for my test results from the hospital regarding if I have a blood / thyroid / hormone / auto immune problem  that they can see. Results on the 15th October 2012.

Final Update: 26th November 2012

Early this month while waiting for my hospital results I had another miscarriages. Number 9. On the 26th November 2012 I went back to the hospital for my blood and hormone results. They all came back normal. The specialist told me that as there was no reason for this (no lupus, no thick blood, no thyroid problems, no hughes syndrome and no hormone problems) that my 9 miscarriages in 2 years is NORMAL. This I do not agree with in the slightest. So basically they have sent me away and don't want to see me until I get a "sticky pregnancy". 

The doctor classified most of my pregnancies as "chemical pregnancies" as they were less than 5 weeks along when miscarriage happened. He tried to explain that for some women the male and female cells joining are almost doing a square dance, and if they do not line up in the correct order, the body terminates the pregnancy. 

No matter what way I look at it, if you get a positive home pregnancy test YOU ARE PREGNANT. And no matter what they call it, if you loose the pregnancy... its a MISCARRIAGE. 

As you may be able to tell, I am not currently happy upon writing this and we have decided to have a break from the whole family planning side of our relationship. I simply do not think that I could cope if my miscarriage rate hits double figures. 


  1. Sorry to hear of your losses, i cant imaging what you are going through, I lost my second pregnancy recently and am devastated. I cant imaging how you are feeling after loosing 7! - best wishes to you

  2. Hi! Me and my wife live in Sweden. Today we met our doctor who said that we had the 7th in row miscarriege :( Wehave done many exams without finding something and we realy can feel you. Have you had any news with the natural killer test? We are also interested in learning more about this.
    Our best wishes
    Greg & Sophie

  3. Hi I am 28 and have also had three miscarriages in 10 months without any children. All my tests are coming back normal too. I would love to hear what they find about you

  4. Hi,

    First Sorry for my english because I am french woman.I am sorry to hear about that. I hope all goes well and you get your wish to be a mom. I am 27 also, I've had 5 miscarriage in 2 years without any children. All of them 4 to 8 weeks also. Same symptomes: cramping and contractions, dark red / brown blood, after 2 - 4 days miscarriage. All my tests are normal. I made all the possible tests (but not natural killer cells). I can give you all the list of tests from endocrinologist, geneticist, gynecologist,..What about the "in vitro with micro injection with PGD", did you asked your specialist if they can do this? and did they search for any endocrine disorder like PCOS?, analyses for plasminogen, Total Hemolytic Complement, TEBG, DHEAS, 17 alpha hydroxy Progesterone, Antybody Antinucleair Anti-DNA,, Anticardiolipine, Anti Beta 2 Glycoprotein, Antybody (IgA) anti-transglutaminase,Cariotype, Resistance of protein C ... and more others, Scans like Hysteroscopy? Find you time and write me, lets stay in touch to exchange the Analysis and research into miscarriage. and anyone has same experience write me my email:
    Hope to hear good news from all of you ! Good luck !

  5. I also have had 7 miscarriages in a row, no children and am looking forward to hearing your results as no doctors or fertility specialist have an answer for me :(

    1. Im sad to hear that you have experienced 7 miscarriages in a row, its truely a heartbreaking experience for anyone to go through and very difficult mentally to understand.

      My test results all came back normal and so no answers were provided.
      All i got from the specialist was its completely normal to have 9 miscarriages in a row (over 2 years). Quite frankly I think he didnt want to let me loose hope. I still dont believe him.

  6. I just came across this post. I'm so sorry for everyone's losses. It hurts so much every time. I want to shut myself away from the world but I can't. I work in an elementary school were kids needs me. A few of them call me their "school mom' and we have a great bond, but it's not the same as having your ow child. After six miscarriages we have decided to become foster parents. I'm currently pregnant and feel depressed. I have not taken a pregnancy test or HCG because I've come to feat the results. First the numbers go up slightly and then down, and you know what comes next. I'm sending well wishes to all of you who've had so many losses as well.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, i can understand your feelings but it helps to be excited that you are pregnant, and only start feeling worried when the signs start to deteriorate. The body and mind is a powerful thing.

      Let us know how you progressed and the outcome of your test. x

  7. I have also had 7 miscarriages, all my tests have come back normal and the specialist has now turned my away telling me all he can say is it must be 'bad luck' and said "I don't know what else to tell you!! I am very hurt and upset as my husband and I have been trying for almost 6 years! I inquired about the IVF treatment, and was told that this treatment is not covered by health agencies and would cost 30,000. To top it off, this doctor I have been seeing for 3 years has referred me to another doctor for a 2nd opinion as he tried to tell me that "IVF" is not the solution...I am wondering if it is and if I should keep trying as I am losing hope :( any suggestions??? The NK cells sounds interesting and I would like to hear more about it?

    1. Dear Mel7: Its really sad to hear that you too have been going through something similar to myself. My miscarriage rate over 2 years totalled 9 and im only 28. Sadly when i went to the specialist in Liverpool they found nothing wrong and wouldnt refer me to the NK Cell reserch.

      I basically got told that 9 miscarriages in a row is normal and nothing was wrong with me. So unfortunatly there isnt really much else to say about it since ive hit a brick wall.

      Thankfully here in the UK all medial treatment on the NHS is free but IVF was never mentioned.

      Im currently back on the pill as psychologically I do not wish to reach double figures in miscarriages. And we are having a break from the family planning aspect.

      If I cant concieve naturally then I doubt we will be having a family of our own, as on a personal opinon I dont like the idea of IVF and I dont want to bring up another persons child in the form of adoption. It might be selfish thinking but its my opinion.

      I do however wish you all the very best and suggest asking your GP regarding NK Cells (Natural Killer Cells) count as they may be able to do something for you. If you dont ask - you dont get.

  8. Hi there. Thankyou so much for sharing your experience. It must be awful. I have suffered 7 misscarriages in a row. All between 6-16 weeks. My son also passed away from sids 6 years ago aged 2years. I'm 27 also and feel like I am never going to be a mother again. My GP has sent for testing so awaiting dates. I have had fertility testing and everything came back normal. Its so easy for the GPs to say its chemical or normal etc but at the end of the day we have lost precious babies that are so much wanted. I will await any updates u have. Xxx

  9. I am sorry to hear of your losses, it takes time to heal from each loss however I believe that as long as I can keep getting pregnant I should keep trying. Sounds crazy but if I dont try then Ill never know. Vicky I dont think you should give up unless you are certain that you dont want to keep trying even if it takes double digits. I feel the same way as you do about adoption but maybe one day I will change my mind on that. I recently had more blood tests done and now something came up showing autoimmune so I will meet with my doctor soon to find out more, however in the meantime if I do get pregnant I am to be on heparin, asparin and prometrium (tried this twice before and heard a heartbeat but then a week later I miscarried :(. I am just praying for some answers as to why this keeps happening as I dont believe it is just "bad luck". I read one blog of a lady who had 11 miscarriages and 1 healthy delivery and 1 pre-term delivery at 26 weeks, so it is possible, however it is risky. For now all we can do is pray that one day it works out! Hugs to you all! xxx

  10. So sorry to hear of all your losses. I have also suffered 7 miscarriages. 6 in a row and 1 since having my daughter in October 2010. I have a bicornuate (heart shaped) uterus which I have had surgery on. I have spoken to specialists and they do not think that the embryo would implant on the septum 6 times in a row so there must be another problem. All of my tests results came back normal and I have also been tested for natural killer cells. I believe those results were also within the normal range. But my doctor decided to put me on the medication for natural killer cells for my 7th pregnancy. It was just 5mg of Prednisone once a day. I could not believe it when I got past 6 weeks! I had bleeding up to 9 weeks but everything was fine and I had a healthy baby girl who is now nearly 3! Please do not give up hope and ask your doctor about Prednisone. Good luck and NEVER give up! xoxo

  11. Hi all...

    I know this initial post was put up a while ago... but could not help but respond.

    I am soon 31 and have currently having miscarriage number 8! Have been ttc since 28.

    I have had every test imaginable including nk testing. One specialist did a blood test which showed as high nk cells and I was put on streroids to supress my immune system. Had a 3 miscarriages whilst on his treatment plan.

    Went to see another specialist who did an endrometrial biopsy (uterine lining) which showed a normal nk count. I am now on a treatment plan from her which consists of just progesterone 7days after ovulation and then heparin injections after a 6 week scan
    Aparently I am 'super fertile' as get pregnant the month I try. Even if we just try once. This according to my specialist is not good as my body apparently is not showing any signs of natural selection. Normal women should not get pregnant that easy. Anyhow am waiting for 1 cycle and then giving the above a go. Something tells me I will be wasting my time though! All my miscarriages have also been between 4-8 weeks. If I am sucessful I will let all u lovely ladies know.

    If all else fails I think after 10 I will consider travelling to india from uk for surrogacy. Life without a child for me is unimaginable!

    The miscarriages have changed every part of me and with each one a part of my bubbly personality goes too! I have to start facing facts with my head and not thinking with my heart!!

    Love to all .... Veronica UK xxx

  12. First of all can aI thank you for writing this piece on recurrent miscarriage. It is something that is not talked about and very few people understand. Nor do I come to think of it. I am so sorry for all of your losses. I have had 7 consecutive miscarriages and will have number 8 confirmed on Tuesday. I had a scan this week but no heartbeat and they want to wait a week and see what happens. I know what the outcomes will be as I have been here so many times. I have every test possible and everything is normal. NK cells are normal. I am at a loss but I don't buy that it is bad luck. Each of my losses are between 5 and 8 weeks. I am now at the point of giving up as I don't think there is a chance and I have lost all hope. The hardest thing is making that decision to stop... We are currently looking in to adoption as one day we will have a family but perhaps not our biological family x x

  13. hello i srry to hear your story but your story is very similar to mines, im 25yrs old i have been married for 7 yrs and was not able to get pregnant until 2011 thats when its started lost number 1 in 2011, 2,3,4 in 2012, all between 6 to 8 weeks.Then i got pregnant in 2013 thinking this one was gonna be great bcus i made it to 18 weeks, water broke to early lost my beloved son 4/24/13, thinking i dont wanna live threw this any found out i was pregnant again in jun....cried myself to sleep every night thinking about my past pregnancies carried my daughter for 23 weeks, had early contractions and had my angle on 11/8/13 she lived for 1 hr....thats 7, i jus cant think to start all over again but my husband really wants to try again. im SCARED...NERVOUS....ANXIOUS i jus dont know i jus have to keep the faith. i thank god that im able to try again some ppl cant even say they had a chance to try. so we jus have to keep the faith. BABY DUST TO EVERYONE FOR 2014 FOR SUCCESSFUL PREGNANCIES FOR US ALL :P, GOD BLESS

  14. I think you should contact and set up a phone consult with Dr.Sher Las Vegas based doctor. One of his patients Karmaan delivered a baby after 9 misscarriages, He seems to have a valid reason as expalanation. I consult him as well and have the same diagnosis as Karmaan, But still not successful at having a baby. But Dr. Sher gives a lot of confidence-

    I really hope you give him a try.

  15. May i know the blood group of couple

  16. We have just had our 8th miscarriage, our third in a year in a half. I'm looking for solutions on what we should do. We have an awesome daughter and we're fine with that. What I'm not fine with is her heartbreak everytime this happens. I was considering a tubal so that this won't happen again, but after researching I'm terrified. All I know is I won't survive another loss but have no idea on the right way to keep it from happening.... I'm so lost!😢

  17. I am pregnant and scared I will loose this one too I have had at least 9 miscarriages and I am 40 I want nothing more than to have a healthy baby I'm out of my mind