Monday, 23 April 2012

Online Horse Games 2012

There are many online horse games available on the internet however there is only one from the UK.
Most online horse games are text based however there are a few exceptions which I am not going to cover at this time. But here are some of the best online horse games that are out there. The best is at the top.

The newest horse game and only one from the United Kingdom is an online horse game which was originally designed with the future players in mind, it was designed by a player of online horse games, and the original release contained and still does contain some of the best online horse game play that is available on the internet. With MyStable you can breed, show, train, and care for your own virtual horses, its the only online horse game which you can actually see all your horses in their stalls. Its very amazing especially when its based around real life horse genetics and you can crossbreed different horse breeds just like people do in real life to produce new breeds. Best of all you can catch wild horses and care for them!

The most stylish online horse game: is a stylish online game which horses can be aged manually and you can own your own boarding centers, have companions for your horse, and realistically its more of a fantasy horse game as there are items which make the horse live forever, there are Pegasus' and unicorns.

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