Monday, 30 April 2012

Keeping up Appearances

Personally there is nothing more enjoyable to me than sitting down with a cup of tea watching the "bucket woman" on sky, I honestly hope that there is no woman like this in real life, however chances are there is. Its a fantastic!

The lady of the house, Hyacinth Bucket has turned being a snob into an art form. Unfortunatly her surname - it's pronounced Bouquet, don't you know - and her family, don't help. Her long-suffering husband, Richard, keeps his head down and does his best to live with her domineering ways. But Hyacinth's a determined lady, with one missing in life - to impress.

Series 1: 

  • Daddy's accident
  • The new vicar
  • Stately home
  • The charity shop
  • Daisy's toyboy
  • The christening

Series 2: 

  • A strange man
  • Driving Miss Fortescue
  • The candlelight supper
  • Golfing with the major
  • Problems with relatives
  • Onslow's birthday
  • Singing for Emmet
  • The toy store
  • The three-piece suite
  • A picnic for daddy

Series 3: 

  • Early retirement
  • Iron age remains
  • Violets country cottage
  • How to go on holiday without really trying (holiday brochure)
  • Richards new hobby
  • The art exhibition
  • What to wear when yaching

Series 4: 

  • A job for Richard
  • Country retreat
  • A celebrity for the barbecue 
  • The commodore
  • Looking at properties
  • Please mind your head
  • Let there be light

Series 5: 

  • Seaside fun
  • The fancy dress ball
  • Hyacinth is alarmed
  • Riparian entertainments
  • Skies
  • Country estate sale
  • The boyfriend
  • A barbecue at Violets
  • The rolls royce
  • The hostess

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