Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The horse

What is the horse?

The horse is a large muscular hooved animal which is from the Equine family. It has been used for both transportation and work. Before cars were invented people used to travel either on horse back or by a carriage which was pulled by the horse or horses.

The horse of the oldest breed is the Arabian, an elegent breed of horse with high spirit and great endurance qualities. It has been a prized breed of horse for hundereds of years.

The horse usually has a short coat, with long hair from the top of the head, down the ridge of the neck and has a long tail. Some of the horse heavy breeds which were originally used for farm work have long hairs on their legs known as feathers.

In recent history the horse is typically bred for pleasure and for sport. There is a lot of money in sports such as the horse races, trott races, show jumping, cross country and dressage events.

The horse is used differently in each country, in the United Kingdom, the majority are bred to be kept either as pets or breeding stock, however some good quality horses are used for sports and the horse shows as well as pleasure riding.

The horses in america are used differently, they are still bred for pleasure and as pets however they are still used on cattle ranches, and the sports such as reining, pole bending, calf roping and the contraversial rodeo.

Rodeo events are not part of the British culture as it is seen as a form of animal abuse or animal torture, however in America it is still a common and welcomed practice of sport.

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