Monday, 16 April 2012

Grand National: 2012 The Facts

What are the Grand Nationals?
The Grand Nationals is an annual horse race which started in 1839, held at Aintree which is near Liverpool here in England. The race style is classed as a Handicap National Hunt, where 40 horses run a race course which is 4 miles long. The jumps are high and dangerous and only the best thoroughbred racehorses will be entered into it.

The "Grand Nationals" are also commonly referred to as "The Nationals" or "Nationals"

What style of racing is the Grand National?

The Grand National horse racing event is a Handicap National hunt race, which is 4 miles long.

What was the prize in 2012?

The winner of the Grand National 2012 claimed £975,000.

Who won the 2012 Grand National?

The horse "Neptune Collonges" a Grey Thoroughbred won the 2012 Grand National.

Who have the broadcasting rights to the Grand National?

As of 2004 the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) have the rights to record and play the Grand Nationals on their TV Channels.  

How many people watch the "Grand Nationals" in 2012?

It is estimated that between 500 and 600 million people watched the Grand Nationals in 2012. 

How many horses died in the 2012 Grand National?

Two horses had to be destroyed due to broken legs. These horses were "Syncronized" (a Cheltenham Gold Cup Winner who fell twice during the race), and "According to Pete".

Is the Grand National due to be banned?
Since the Grand Nationals started in 1839, on average one horse dies, or has to be destroyed due to competing in this race. Due to the safety of horses and jockeys many people are voting for the Grand National to be banned. As of this moment, the Grand National is not a banned sporting event.

The RSPCA are asking for changes in safety for the future Grand Nationals to help prevent further tragic loss' in the sport.

Facts about breeding horses for racing.

It is estimated that 98% of horses that are bred specifically for the purpose of racing, are sent to the slaughter house before they are 3 years old. The lucky horses that are "good enough" stand high chances of dying due to the races that their owner's and breeders put them into.

So do you still think that horse racing is not cruel?
Please consider sending a donation to the RSPCA.

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