Friday, 27 April 2012

Gerbil Care: How to look after a gerbil

Gerbils are very friendly small rodents and they are very easy to look after. They are social and entertaining for humans and other animals to watch such as cats and kittens.

Daily Care:

This short list contains information regarding the daily care of gerbils.

  • Test the water bottle - make sure water is coming out (sometimes they get blocked)
  • Fresh clean water
  • Fresh gerbil food
  • Fresh sand in a bowl (for them to use as a toilet and bathe)
  • Handle your gerbil
  • Fresh handful of hay (if you choose to give it to them)
  • Throw in a cardboard toilet roll tube or two (it gives them something to do)

When to clean out a gerbil cage:
Its recommended to clean out your gerbil cage entirely once every two weeks, they are relatively clean animals when kept in a glass or plastic tank. However they do not really like being cleaned out.
  • Clean out the cage every 2 weeks. 

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