Monday, 23 April 2012

Cremating your pet dog

I recently had to go through the tragedy of putting our loyal 14 year old family dog to sleep unexpectedly due to cancer that we did not know she had. This is the story.

Monday Night: The Symptoms

We noticed that our dog was somewhat bloated around the belly, she was still eating, using the yard and was still her happy self.

Tuesday Morning: The Diagnosis

We took her to the vet who said it was fluid in her abdomen, and was either cancer or a liver problem, either way they had to open her up on the operating table to have a look. The discovered an aggressive form of cancer literally everywhere, throughout all her major organs. At this point the vet asked us if they could put her to sleep, as there was no way she could recover from it. We agreed.

Wednesday Morning: The Pickup

We arranged for a local pet cremation company to pick her up and have her cremated so she could come home one last time. They picked her up from the vet that morning.

Wednesday Afternoon: The Cremation

They cremated our beloved dog in the afternoon, in a private cremation where she was placed in the chamber on her own, and they recovered as much of her ashes as they could.

Thursday Morning: Bringing her home the last time

I went to the pet crematorium and picked up our beloved dog and brought her home for the last time. The gave us a certificate of cremation, and lovely wooden casket with her name and date of death on the front.

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