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Animal Crossing: Jump Out (3DS) 2012

Animal Crossing: 3DS

It has been several years since the creators of Animal Crossing have released a new Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo DS. We have heard rumours of at 3DS version that will be coming soon. However we have had official word from the Creators that the new upcoming Animal Crossing game will be released in 2013.

So what is going to be in Animal Crossing 3DS - whats it about?

There has been very little information leaked about the upcoming 3DS Animal Crossing, however after sifting through several sources of information and trawling through near hidden Nintendo News Archives, this is my understanding of what we should expect from Animal Crossing 3DS.

Your Job: The Mayor!

You will play the mayor of the town and you will be able to decorate your town in more ways than previously. You will be able to add items to the town itself, such as lamps, benches etc. There will be a new character who will be your assistant. Apparently this new assistant character looks somewhat similar to a dog, and SHE is somewhat clumsy, but apparently she will give you a lot of information and insight into the runnings of your town, so it is worthwhile talking to her.  

Your personal assistant 
Your secretary will often follow your character around pointing out things of interest, such as a part of your town which looks particularly beautiful, or where work could be done to beautify the area. The idea of your secretary is to encourage you to expand and beautify your town.

Town Customisation 
As well as being able to customise your town, you will be give more control over how you can customise your house, apparently we will get a LOT more customisable options in the house and be able to decorate it exactly how we want, even put clocks up on the wall, choosing the colour of the fence around your home, and the design of your mailbox. 

Furniture & Home Customisation 
You will not be limited to furniture designs. You will be able to take your furniture to the furniture upholster who will be able to assist in placing a custom pattern on your furniture. Even down to changing the colour of cushions on your sofa.   

Character Customisation 
Instead of just having an outfit for your character which is in one part, you can now choose a top and separate bottoms for your character, for example, you could give your character a lime green top and a nice pink skirt! 

The Town Itself 
In this version the town will be much bigger than it was in previous versions of the game, there will also be different and more sections too. There will be a train station, complete with train tracks which you will be able to cross and explore what is beyond the rails.

The Beach has expanded 
 The beach area has also been updated, it will be a much larger sandy area instead of a little strip of sand around the waters edge. You will be able to reach the beach by walking down a cliffside path, (take your shoes off if you so wish) and you will also get the ability to swim around in the sea and dive down to the sea floor if you so wish. Who knows what you will find  there!  

The Mall

Yes there will be a mall, with lots of different shops which will be accessible by crossing the train tracks and walking into a different area. Nintendo have said that it will be bigger and much better than the town area which was presented to us (and i don't think many of us use) on the Wii Animal Crossing: Lets go to the city.   

Show Homes and Street Pass Integration:

Near the Mall there will be a row of show houses which will give you an example of how you can decorate your home(s).  If you pass another person playing Animal Crossing 3DS in street pass mode, their own house will be transferred to your 3DS system and you will be able to see what their home looks like in the row of "Show Homes" (mentioned above). This means you can take a look around someone else's home without the fear of "messing it up".   

 Whats Tom Nook up to? 
Tom Nook prievious owner of Nookingtons, Nooks Cranny etc. now has a new job as a real estate agent. He is the person who manages the "Show Homes" (meantioned above). Maybe this will mean that Tom Nook wont be at the beginning of the game forcing our players to work for him. 

And what about the Note in a bottle?
 If like me you miss the joy of strolling along a beach and finding a note in a bottle washed up on the shore then you would want Notes in Bottles as featured in the previous version of the DS Animal Crossing Wide World.
I have heard that notes in bottles will be featuring in the 3DS version of Animal Crossing. 
It is said that notes in bottles will wash up on friends shores via WiFi and Street pass. I have not found any further information on notes in bottles for the 3DS version

Whats the new game going to be called? 

There are no guarantee's as far as I can tell, the new Animal Crossing 3DS game could be called "Animal Crossing: Jump Out", or "Animal Crossing: New Frontier".

When will Animal Crossing Jump out be released?

This game has already been delayed for release twice since being announced in 2011.
The latest news is that Animal Crossing 3DS will be released in the UK during the first half of 2013.
It will be available in Japan in November 2012.

Why has it been delayed so much?

One of the main reasons why it has been delayed so much (I believe) and will be released in Japan first is because the game was written in Japenese and so can be initially released to Japan first. Its going to take some time for Nintendo to translate the game into English for the UK, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other English speaking countries.

Are there any prieviews of Animal Crossing for 3ds?

Yes here are some official prieviews of the upcoming new Animal Crossing game for 3DS. Some are in Japanese.

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