Monday, 5 March 2012

What is the Raspberry Pi Computer?

Recently the British govenment wanted to start "a laptop for every child" initiative. Most parents cannot afford a laptop or computer for their children, especially when children break things easily. So a British company has created a super cheap computer known as the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry pi computer is as small as a credit card. There is no box, and is done on the cheap, its basically a circuit board, with various inputs so that it can be plugged into a monitor and have USB mouse and keyboard attached.

No hard drive comes with the raspberry pi computer however it takes solid state SD card to save data and run. It doesnt come with an operating system however the creators of the Raspberry Pi have links to "linux" based operating systems which can be loaded onto the SD card

How much does the Raspberry Pi cost?
The raspberry pi is only avaliable from two distributers in the UK, and prices start at £22.00 GBP. An absolute bargain.

The Raspberry Pi can only be purchased from

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